US box office: Could Spider-Man beat Avatar?

For its sixth week of operation, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” regains the lead in the US box office, placing itself ahead of “Scream”. The film carried by Tom Holland totals 721 million dollars in the USA and is therefore on the heels of Avatar and its 760 million $.

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After being overtaken by Scream last week, Jon Watts’ feature film regained the top spot at the US box office with an additional $14.1 million. Spider-Man: No Way Home therefore totals more than 721 million dollars in the United States.

The film, which has just overtaken the first Spider-Man film by Sam Raimi in France, is now the fourth biggest hit of all time, behind Star Wars VII, Avengers: Endgame and Avatar. Will Peter Parker exceed the $760 million in revenue from James Cameron’s film in the United States?

The Marvel film is currently missing 40 “small” million dollars to overtake Avatar at the American box office. Which turns out to be quite possible since after 6 weekends, No Way Home is 31% ahead of Avatar admissions in the same period (which was at $551.7 million at the end of the week -end).

Note that No Way Home is also the sixth highest-grossing film in the world, surpassing Jurassic World ($1.67 billion) and The Lion King ($1.66 billion) with a total of $1.69 billion. , including $970.1 million from foreign territories. The 1st still being Avatar with 2.85 billion dollars in revenue worldwide.

For its part Ghostface continues to frighten the public since it records 12.4 million dollars for its second week of operation. The film by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett thus totals 51.3 million dollars at the US box office and ranks 3rd among films in the saga for its second weekend, behind Scream 3 (16.3 million dollars). dollars) and Scream 2 ($13.9 million).

The animated movie All on stage 2 continues its momentum and remains in 3rd position in the BO with 5.7 million for its 5th weekend. The sequel to the adventures of Buster Moon and his band of singing animals has therefore accumulated 128.4 million dollars since its release in North America.

historical romance Redeeming Love by DJ Caruso, adapted from a best-seller, is in 4th position for its 1st weekend of operation with 3.7 million dollars. The film is followed by The King’s Man: First Mission which recorded $1.7 million for a cumulative of $31.5 million for its 5th week.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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