Valheim: Darksteel, how to get and smelt it?

After defeating Moder, the fourth boss of Valheim, you will be able to pass a gap and in particular explore the dangerous plains. While at first you will most likely die often, over time you will learn to tame these threats and become even stronger by obtaining new weapons and armor. However, for this, it is imperative get darksteel.

How to get Darksteel in Valheim?

Unlike other minerals Valheimall of which must be mined with your pickaxe, here you will need to fight enemies, and mainly the goblins, those little green creatures that live on the plains. Be careful, they are particularly robust and inflict heavy damage. Take your time and above all, have good weapons (upgrade your silver weapons to the maximum, if possible.)

By eliminating them, you will see that these goblins systematically drop pieces of darksteel. In addition, you can find them in chests scattered around their camps, but these places are guarded by a dozen goblins, which are difficult to attack at first. You just have to farm the goblins, especially at night, to get darksteel.

How do I smelt Darksteel Chunks?

Unlike copper, tin, iron and silver, darksteel cannot be used in a regular foundry, only in a blast furnace, which can be crafted with the Artisan Table, which unlocks after Moder through Dragon Tears. For the blast furnace, you will need:

We advise you to make a new base in the plain, at least to be able to melt the darksteel on the spot. You can then craft yourself weapons and armor, by combining this with the linen cloth. Once the first weapons are created, you will be able to explore the plains further and increase your production of darksteel, needed to fight the next boss, Yagluth.

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