very good news or bad surprise for your PER rate in 2023?

Is your PER’s euro fund doing better than the competition? Since January, one by one, banks, insurers and web brokers have announced the rates provided for the past year. Discover the performance of your contracts in 2023.

The rate announcement season ends, both for life insurance and the retirement savings plan (PER). If life insurance has some good surprises in store in 2023, the PER offers even better ones. This year, insurers, banks and even mutual insurance companies have sometimes provided better returns for their retirement savings contracts than their life insurance policies.

With more than 9.8 million PER opened as of September 30, 2023, this product has been very successful since its creation in 2019. Its outstanding amounts amount to 95 billion euros (still at the end of September), up by 15 billion euros. euros over a little over a year, including 55 billion for the individual PER. “Three quarters remain insurance PERs” reminded Bercy during a press conference last October.

Are you one of the millions of savers who hold a PER and do you know how much your contract earned you last year?

The main PER returns for the year 2023

TaughtCONTRACT2022 rate of the euro fund2023 rate of the euro fund
PER distributed in banks
Popular BankPER Banque Populaire1.60%NC
BNP ParibasPER multiple investments2%3%
Savings BankMillevie PER1.40%2.50%
Agricultural creditPerspective2.89%3.27%
Crédit Mutuel (ACM Vie)PER Retirement Insurance2.25% +2.75% +
Crédit Mutuel (Suravenir)Retirement Projection2.10%2.65%
The postal bankCashmere PER1.60% +2.50% +
LCLLCL Retraite PER2.89%3.27%
Societe GeneralePER Acacia1.95% +3.25% +
PER of insurers, associations and mutuals
Afer (Abeille Assurances)PERIN Afer1.25%3.50%
Agipi (Axa)Far PER2%2.25%
AllianzAllianz PER Horizon1.45%NC
Abeille Assurances (formerly Aviva)PER Plural Retirement1.76%2.08%
Ampli-MutuelleAmpli-PER Liberty2.80%3.50%
AxaMy PER Retirement2%2.25%
EresPER Eres2%2.83%
Gaipare (Agéas France)PER ZenNC2.25%
MadderGarance Serenity2.80%3.50%
Groupama and GanNew life1.30% +2% +
Mutualist FranceLFM PER’Form2.31%4.30%
MaafWinalto Retirement2.05%2.80%
MACSFRES Retirement2.50%3.10%
MaifResponsible and Solidarity PER1.30%2.50%
Malakoff HumanisIndividual PER3.10%4%
Oradéa Life / PrimonialPrimoPER2.35%3.25%
SMAvieSMAvie individual PER1.80%2.50%
Swiss LifeSwissLife PER Individual1.50% +1.70% +
PER online, at reduced costs
Altaprofits (SwissLife insurer)Titles@PER1.50% +1.70% + (Aviva)Evolution PER1.76%2.59%
Linxea (Apicil)Linxea PER1.30% +1.30% +
Linxea (Spirica)Linxea Spirit PER2.30%3.13%
Best Investment Rates (Apicil)Best PER rates1.30% +1.30% +
Best Investment Rates (Spirica)Best Liberty PER rates2.30%3.13%
Best investment rates, Epargnissimo,
Linxea,, etc.
Suravenir PER2.10%2.65% (SwissLife)PER Placement-Direct1.70% +1.70% +
TousLesPlacements.comPER Relevance Retirement2.10%2.65%

Rate + : rates announced with a bonuses possible. The rate listed here is basic ratethe lowest of the range.
NC: not communicated.
Non-exhaustive list of contracts: the main contracts in each category are referenced.
All returns are announced net of management fees (but before all social and tax contributions).

PERs which bring in more than euro life insurance funds

Very often, the EUR funds of PERs are the same as those accessible within life insurance contracts, with identical returns. However, in certain cases, insurers, banks and even mutual insurance companies offer best rates for their PER. This is particularly the case at La France Mutualiste. Already a big winner in life insurance rates in 2023, the mutual offers for its PER LFM PER’Form a yield of 4.30% net of management fees (but before all social and tax contributions).

This is also the case for the Caisse d’Épargne and its PER Milleviewhose base rate reaches 2.50% for the year 2023, compared to 2.15% for the life insurance contract of the same range. Another bank and yet same difference in yield between life insurance and the retirement savings plan. While for the flagship contract Predissime 9 Series 2Crédit Agricole announced a return between 2.40% and 3.20% depending on the portion invested in units of account, the remuneration of the fund in euros of PER Perspective reached 3.27% in 2023.

At Mutual credit and to the bank SG (formerly Société Générale), the performance bonuses based on the units of account held remain the same (or very similar at SG) for life insurance and PER. On the other hand, the minimum rates from which savers benefit are higher for retirement savings in these two banks: they respectively reach 2.75% and 3.25%compared to 2.60% and 2.85% for the flagship life insurance contracts Plan Assurance Vie Essentiel and Séquoia.

Just as with life insurance contracts, the diversification of its PER via units of account is supposed to allow greater returns, even if the capital is not guaranteed as for euro funds. This is even more true for retirement savings which expire in the distant future.

To choose your contract, it is therefore essential to compare, beyond just the return of the euro fund, the available units of account and their performance. As a reminder, a PER is managed by default in horizon management, that is to say a risky investment, which becomes more secure over time, as retirement approaches. Beyond long-term performance, the advantage of the PER lies in the possibility of deducting its payments from its taxable income and benefiting from a tax deduction.

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