victory for the hostesses of Gol Airlines


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The flight attendants of the Brazilian company Gol Airlines have won a victory in the fight against gender discrimination. They will be compensated for their personal purchases in order to take care of their appearance.

It’s a small victory for women that could have global reach. The low-cost Brazilian airline Gol Transportes Aéreos, was forced by the country’s justice system to “provide free of charge to all its employees the make-up kit provided for in its staff presentation code“and to participate in the costs of”manicures, eyebrow and lip hair removal sessionsThis decision was rendered at the end of July by an industrial tribunal in southern Brazil, but only publicly announced in recent days by local media. As reported by BFMTV, this decision aims to reduce discrimination between men and women, who receive the same salary. However, the female staff are contractually invited – to the chagrin of the latter – to take care of their appearance and therefore to spend additional costs on makeup and other care necessary for the beauty of the woman, and this, with their own. salary. A situation that men do not know.

The head of the National Union of Hostesses and Stewards (SNA), Clauver Castilho, estimated that this collective action concerned around 4,000 flight and airport hostesses. Thus, the airline was therefore ordered to pay all these women the monthly sum of 220 reais (35 euros) to compensate for this difference with the male gender. If the Brazilian company objected, the board assured that it was behind “gender discrimination and reduced wages for women“The courts are also demanding compensation in the amount of 500,000 reals, nearly 81,000 euros, for moral and collective damage.

An example for other sectors

Despite everything, Gol has appealed against this court ruling, which she describes as “abusive“. But whatever the outcome, it is already a big step that could be used by other professions.”This decision may influence other professional sectors where women are obliged to wear make-up, because if it is confirmed by the courts of appeal, it will set a precedent.“, said Clauver Castilho.

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