Video: 6 reasons we love February so much

New zest for life
6 reasons we love February so much

The month has many highlights and Valentine's Day is just one of them.


The best thing about January is that it's over. You can find out in the video how the happy month of February (yes, you read that right!) Is now able to provide us with new zest for life.

Yes, January demanded a lot from us. It was way too long, way too cold and way too gray. But the fact that it is finally over is by no means the only good news. Because now February is finally beginning – and it is completely wrongly underestimated. Because what we missed in January, February gives us back little by little.

More sun, joie de vivre and chocolate

Now at the latest we can confidently postpone our resolutions until next year and concentrate on the really important things: ice cream and love. You can find out in the video why we are declaring February our new favorite month.

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