VIDEO – “As if nothing had happened”: the beaten policeman in Lyon testifies after the judgment of his attackers

DISARROI – In June 2020, an undercover police officer was beaten up by a group of ten people in Lyon. Eight of his alleged attackers have been released. A judgment greeted with bitterness by the victim, who confides in TF1.

It is difficult for the pill to pass. 18 months after being assaulted in the streets of Lyon, Alexandre learned Tuesday the judgment of his attackers. Shocked by the weakness of the sanctions, this 36-year-old policeman delivered his deep dismay to the TF1 teams. “I was left for dead. And today, when I see the result, I tell myself that it is as if nothing had happened”, he fumed. “We had eight releases, it is as if these people had not been present, had done nothing. They will be able to continue their life quietly”, he still laments.

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On June 14, 2020, returning from the evening, Alexandre was hit with an iron bar by a dozen individuals, some of whom had recognized the plainclothes policeman. Seriously injured, especially in the ankle and Achilles tendon, he was prescribed 45 days of ITT. Present at his side, his companion had also suffered blows to the collarbone. The couple had finally been saved by the intervention of the police and a neighbor.

“Tomorrow, this kind of thing can still happen”

More than a year and a half after the fact, only two of the ten alleged attackers received a sentence, 5 years in prison, including 30 months suspended, with a probationary period of three years. “The preventive detention they have already carried out brings them down to a level lower than two years in prison. They will therefore never return to prison”, castigates the victim. The other eight individuals were released for lack of sufficient evidence to prove their guilt. “I tell myself that, tomorrow, this kind of thing could still happen and it will still be the same result”, denounces the thirty-something. “It’s very hard to accept “, he hammers.

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Since these events, Alexandre has, as best he can, tried to resume the course of his life. He has also resumed his work in the police. But the scars – psychological and physical – remain still gaping. Soon, he must be operated again, his ankle still not healed. “It totally destroyed my life, it totally changed it. The consequences are present, daily. I have to live with it. It reminds me, every day, of what happened”, he explains. “It’s ubiquitous and very hard”, he adds with great emotion.

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