Vinyl is making a comeback: 310,000 records can be downloaded for free

Internet archive: music recordings for every taste

In the Internet archive you can filter the thousands of records according to your requirements.

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Long before streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or Tidal there were CDs and before that there were records. Even if vinyl is hip again in audiophile circles these days, only a few interested people will know that the rotation of the turntable could be made to rotate with different revolutions. For LPs you use 33rpm and for singles 45rpm – some record players could also play shellac records at 78rpm. Such recordings are now sold at collector’s prices.

The Internet archive has now digitally prepared numerous such musical rarities and made them available for download. Including world-famous singers such as Enrico Caruso, Count Bassie and Frank Sinatra.

Huge Music Archive: How to Download Rare Recordings

What an effort: the records were digitized on this record player.
What an effort: the records were digitized on this record player.

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If you follow our download button, you will find yourself directly on the appropriate website of “”. In the search field you can search for different terms – for example the artist or a word from the song title. If you enter “Edith Piaf” here, you will get 72 hits.

If you would like to listen to one of your well-known songs, such as “La Vie en Rose”, simply select the recording you want with a click of the mouse. In the following window you will now see an audio diagram at the top and a playbar below. Now click on the “Play” symbol, start playing the song. Below the bar you will find further recordings of the song, each of which has been edited in different ways.

If you would like to download recordings, you will find an info box with the title “Download Options” and links highlighted in blue on the respective page of the recording. If you click on “24Bit Flac”, the recordings are available for download uncompressed and unprocessed or with the respective filter functions.

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