Vitntage Bob: This is how we wear the popular haircut from the 70s

vintage bob
The popular hairstyle from the 70s is back

Soft edges and flowing bangs: the vintage bob is back.

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Would you like a short haircut? Then watch out: the vintage bob falls voluminously over the face without concealing our advantages. This is how we wear the coveted 70s cut now.

The classic hairstyle, loved and hated and chosen as the signature hairstyle by fashion icon Anna Wintour: the bob. But the bob wouldn’t be the bob if it didn’t have numerous subspecies that conjure up sophisticated variants from the classic. Currently, the vintage bob is considered the holy grail among short haircuts.

Vintage Bob: This is what makes this haircut so special

This vintage cut has its roots in the 1970s. Chin-length or a little shorter: the soft cut caresses the face in a modern way without appearing too playful. This is mainly due to the way the bob is cut. The tips are jagged and refined with fine steps. This is the only way the hair gets the voluminous texture, which differs from the blunt bob, for example.

The short length doesn’t stop there…

The front hair is also neatly shaped. After all, the forehead fringes are just as much a part of this cut as the short basic length. Instead of running straight over the eyebrow, the cut is oriented towards the outside: the fringe is slightly frayed towards the outside. The result is soft, the bangs lie almost by themselves thanks to the flowing cut and are therefore also extremely easy to care for.

Thin Hair: Can I Wear the Vintage Bob?

The answer is as simple as it is simple: of course! The slight fraying at the edges also gives finer hair volume. However, it is important not to set the bangs too far back, otherwise the rest of the bob will lack the important fullness. In addition, using the round brush helps to get more dynamic into the strands. After washing, simply add some mousse to slightly wet hair, then knead the mousse to the roots and blow-dry the strands over the brush. And the cut can also be worn with curls: grab the diffuser and shape the curls: et voilà, hair feel à la française.


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