Vodafone: Why soon all customers will have to start a channel search

What is mobile operator Vodafone planning for 2022? Among other things, Vodafone combines GigaTV and Netflix. The TV tariff includes the Netflix standard subscription with content in HD quality and access to two parallel streams. Of course, an upgrade to the premium subscription with Ultra HD quality and four simultaneous streams also works with a corresponding additional payment. What else? In Vodafone’s cable network, the focus remains on adapting the networks.

TV infrastructure: harmonization

Vodafone announces the harmonization of TV frequencies in the cable fiber optic network. What sounds bulky is actually very easy to explain: since autumn 2019, the cable network operator has been Unitymedia Vodafone. The takeover brought cable fiber optic power and new TV products. After the previous cable receiver Horizon TV from Unitymedia, the set-top box Giga TV Cable 2 became the standard in 2021. So if you want to make use of the extended offer in the Vodafone cable network, you need the box for reception. In May 2021, Vodafone announced: “To ensure that the requirements for television diversity in the cable network with more than 100 free TV and 131 pay TV channels, broadband services and streaming offers in the cable network can also be ensured in the future, Vodafone is standardizing the previously different cable network structures.” Vodafone sums this up under the term harmonization.

Start channel search

In 2022, Vodafone plans to complete the conversion phase in the second half of the year and “align the frequency spectrum that has been used differently in the network regions up to now.” It goes on to say: “The adjustment of the technical parameters to create a nationwide uniform fiber optic cable network offers Vodafone much greater creative freedom with regard to future market developments. Because against the background that the viewing habits of TV customers are changing, high-speed Internet is the Basis for the development of new business models (…).” In plain language, the conversion means: In order to continue receiving your current channels, you should start a channel search in the second half of the year after the harmonization of the TV frequencies has been completed. Changes only apply to users of the Vodafone cable network. Reception via satellite, DVB-T2 or the Internet is not affected.

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