Want a reading light for the winter? The Kobo Nia, Libra 2 and the Elipsa pack are on sale at Fnac

If the “Black Week” festivities only start in a few days, Fnac is already launching great reductions on Kobo Nia, Libra 2 and Elipsa digital readers. The opportunity to equip yourself at a reduced price before the end of the year celebrations.

Imagine, for the weight of a paperback book, you can carry up to 24,000 pounds in your backpack. This is not a dimensional flaw: we were simply interested in Kobo by Fnac e-readers, currently on promotions.

Indeed, as Black Friday approaches, the brand is cutting the price of its Kobo Nia, Libra 2 and Elipsa e-readers. High-end devices that will suit any type of reader and which benefit from an immediate discount of up to up to 50 euro. A welcome reduction for very versatile readers, capable of supporting many eBook formats, such as ePub or PDF. Better, until January 15, 2023, Fnac offers you the digital version of the new The bar was desertedfrom Agnès Martin-Lugand for any purchase of a Kobo by Fnac reader.

The Kobo Nia, more compact with a 6-inch e-ink screen, will benefit from a reduction of 20 euros from November 25 to November 28, which will allow it to display a price of 79.99 euros.

The Kobo Libra 2 at 169.99 euros instead of 189.99 euros

Although it blew its first candle last month, the Kobo Libra 2 has lost none of its excellence. With its large 7-inch e-Ink Carta 1200 panel, reading in landscape mode is just as pleasant as in portrait mode. The contrast ratio is well managed and it is possible to easily adjust the brightness to adapt your reading comfort to the ambient light. And if you’re a late-night reader, the Kobo Libra 2 even has a dark mode so you don’t damage your retina.

As pleasant in portrait as in landscape // Source: Fnac

Not content with being pleasant to hold, the Kobo Libra 2 is also a particularly robust reader. It resists shocks in your bag as well as humidity thanks to its IPX8 certification. It is indeed possible to read in the rain or in the bath without fearing for the longevity (or life) of the reader. Its 32GB memory can store up to 24,000 eBooks or 150 audiobooks. Audio books that can be listened to from a Bluetooth headset thanks to the support of the standard by this reader.

Normally, the Kobo Libra 2, available in both white and black, is offered at 189.99 euros. Before Black Friday, Fnac drops the price of this reader to 169.99 euros, an immediate discount of 20 euros.

A case adapted to the Libra 2 is available in several colors. Its integrated stand allows you to take your eReader with you and install it in portrait or landscape mode.

The Kobo Elipsa pack at 349.99 euros instead of 399.99 euros

The Kobo Elipsa is the epitome of a quality eReader. Its large 10.3-inch screen offers a very comfortable reading surface. The anti-glare treatment allows you to read in direct sunlight without damaging your eyes with too much brightness. Without forgetting that, as for the Kobo Libra 2, this reader is based on the Carta 1200 E Ink technology which ensures constant fluidity in the display of texts. There is also the ComfortLight function for reading and writing in complete darkness.

A complete pack // Source: Fnac
A complete pack // Source: Fnac

This reader stands out for its versatility. Using the Kobo Pen, you can take notes at any time, highlight text or annotate your reading. It is possible to create notebooks to organize your notes or sketches. Finally, a text recognition option takes care of transforming handwritten notes into typed texts. You even have the option of exporting them in PDF format. Its 32 GB internal memory can accommodate up to 24,000 ebooks.

For Black Friday, the Kobo Elipsa slips into a pack with the Kobo Stylus and the SleepCover, a protective cover for the eReader which can also be used as a modular support. A complete kit which benefits from 50 euros of immediate discount, raising the price from 399.99 euros to 349.99 euros.

Cases, subscriptions: how to boost your reader

Fnac has a selection of Sleepcover covers, available in several colors, to personalize your reader according to your tastes. These cases also have the advantage of turning the tablet on or to sleep when using the protective cover. And as with the Kobo Elipsa, the Sleepcover shells serve as a support to tilt your eReader.

A digital reader is good, a digital reader with ebooks is better. To help you build a beautiful virtual library, Fnac has several solutions. The first is its à la carte eBook catalog. This allows you to find all the new products, but also promotions of up to 50% on many titles and even free books.

The other good idea from Fnac is the Kobo+ by Fnac subscription. For 14 days, this subscription gives you free access to 500,000 ebooks (including 50,000 French titles) from the Kobo+ by Fnac catalogue. After this period, the subscription is billed at 9.99 euros per month. Good news, this subscription is without engagement.

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