Warning, breaking the taboo: I found the pregnancy stupid


I remember exactly the day someone told me that the nausea would probably only last six weeks. SIX WEEKS! This someone considered comforting. Try to find a gastrointestinal virus ok for six weeks … For my part, I didn't find anything ok about it. Day after day, I dragged myself into the office of my new job, which was above a china snack bar. I invented an ominous bladder problem to explain my panicky going to the toilet because no, for the first three months you have to see for yourself how you can cope. For the first three months, you feel like a secret agent. So one with a secret gastrointestinal tract.

Everyone expects pure happiness

I don't want to say that I always hated being pregnant. I have not. I especially liked the prospect of this little, very special person. Apart from that, there was honestly little to cheer about, even after the first few months that I often hugged the toilet.

Everything smelled foul. Well, almost everything.

I had to go to the bathroom all the time for 9 months.

I had heartburn.

My breasts hurt like puberty. Ok, they grew too. After all.

Sleep? A difficult task after week 30 at the latest.

Did you know what a loosening of the symphysis is? I didn't know until I wanted to turn around in my sleep one night and jump out of bed in pain.

I kept chewing my stomach.

My butt got fat on the belly.

I was mean.

I was not very happy. My husband was also not happy with me monsters.

But most of all: I felt like a failure because I didn't seem lucky from every buttonhole. After all, that's the way it should be for a pregnant woman.

Happiness during pregnancy is not a competition

No, I don't want to scare anyone who is still pregnant. Because honestly: All of this is worth it. I would choose my children again at any time, even if I were two years pregnant like an elephant. No matter. But to all women out there who don't romanticize their huge belly all day long: you are not alone! Pregnancy is not a party for everyone. Congratulations to everyone who sees it differently. But stop making us feel guilty. We don't have to love vomiting, pain, pushing and pulling. As long as we love the result, nothing else matters. Happiness during pregnancy is not a competition. By the way, neither does motherhood. But that's another chapter in the big book of tolerance, we'll open that another time …