Wednesday: Leading actress Jenna Ortega opens up about her role as the daughter of the Addams Family – “It was a crazy experience!”


The Netflix series “Wednesday” by director Tim Burton will probably be released in 2022. Lead actress Jenna Ortega just spoke about her role and working with Burton.

"wednesday" will probably be released in 2022.

“Wednesday” will probably be released in 2022. (Source:

  • The Netflix series “Wednesday” by Tim Burton is scheduled to start on the Netflix streaming service in 2022.
  • Lead actress Jenna Ortega spoke in an interview about her role and working with the director.

The production of the Netflix series “Wednesday”, which is about the daughter of the Addams Family, is in full swing. Now leading actress Jenna Ortega spoke about her character and working with director Tim Burton.

Speaking to US magazine The Hollywood Reporter, Ortega said of working with Tim Burton: “It was quite a crazy experience. I’ve been fortunate to work with an iconic director who happens to be one of the nicest directors I’ve ever worked with and also the most detail-oriented.”

Speaking of her character Wednesday, she said it was exciting and challenging for her to follow in the footsteps of someone a little more eccentric and scary.

“I think it’s probably the biggest physical change I’ve ever made; I cut my hair and it’s black. And in terms of the articulated gestures and facial expressions, the intonation of speech and expression, I’m trying this time to do it differently. I think it’s a surprise for the audience, but also for myself.”

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There is no exact start date for “Wednesday” yet. The series could appear on Netflix in autumn 2022, so it’s suitable for Halloween.

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