Westworld: The most important questions and answers for season three

From March 30th (Sky Atlantic, Sky Ticket), the gray brain cells will be used again in this country. Then with the third season "Westworld" the continuation of a story starts, which can be summarized as a continuous "Mindfuck" in high-gloss optics. Those who are already very hot for the sometimes very bloody emancipation of the machines, but – and this is forgiven in the confused plot – can no longer remember the most important plot strands can find a remedy here.

Season 2 left us here

To summarize all the events and twists of the first two seasons "Westworld" would be a task for an ambitious doctoral thesis. Hence, in a nutshell, the most important loose ends, which will be taken up in the next eight episodes of the third season and will certainly be complicatedly linked again.

The "Westworld" theme park seemed to be two stories at the end of season two. The amok machines, also called hosts, finally massacred a large number of visitors. While some of the hosts were able to enter into a kind of virtual nirvana and find their peace, others managed to escape the park undetected – such as rebel leader Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood, 32).

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright, 54), meanwhile, found a secret that turned the events of the entire first season upside down. In secret, visitors to the park were used as guinea pigs to work on the project to transfer people's consciousness into artificially created copies of them – which would be synonymous with eternal life. Both Bernard and Dolores arrived in the real world at the end of season two and both have their own ideas about what should happen to her.

This is where the new episodes begin

Already in the transition from season one to season two, "Westworld" reinvented itself in many ways. Chances are that this will be even more so in the course of the new episodes. Until now, the real world has only been seen in small sections and flashbacks, now it seems to be the central location of the plot – unless it is again a clever trick by series creators Jonathan Nolan (43) and his wife Lisa Joy.

"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul (38) is new. In the high-tech world, he earns his own bread as a bank robber – also to be able to look after his sick mother. How well will his path and that of Dolores cross? And can hateful William (Ed Harris, 69) thwart her plans? Questions also raises what part Hollywood star Vincent Cassel (53) will play, who will also complement the well-known cast of the new episodes.

In all cases, Tessa Thompson's (36) character Charlotte Hale should not be forgotten. It was killed in the season two finale and secretly replaced by a host copy. As such, it will be able to sabotage and manipulate the executive level of the park operators from the inside. Season three will also take care of the typical twists and turns.