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The countdown has started, “Miss France” returns to TF1 on the evening of Saturday December 17, 2022. The opportunity to discover how the competition has evolved in one year in terms of the selection of candidates.

There is change at Miss France! Judge too outdated or strict by some, the most famous beauty pageant in France has decided to to renew. Indeed, the association Osez le féminisme! had notably reproached the Endemol production “to use women to manufacture an extremely lucrative audiovisual program while flouting labor rights”, the latter being opposed to “any form of discrimination relating to morals, age, family status, pregnancy, genetic characteristics, political opinions and physical appearance”.

A wind of modernity had therefore begun to blow over the institution at the dawn of 2022. As proof, the sublime Andréa Furet, who became known for her role in the TV movie He is shebroadcast on TF1 in November 2022, became the first transgender contestant to have tried the Miss France contest. An example that paved the way for a plethora of upheavals. Thus, this 2023 edition offered married womenPACS or mothers the right to participate, as announced by TF1. Transgender women were therefore also able to try their luck, as were those over the age of 24. The physical criteria have also been relaxed, as the Misses will have the right to be tattooed. There is still the size criterion, since the candidates must be at least 1m70 tall. Finally, only reconstructive surgery is authorized, aesthetics remaining prohibited.

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Miss France 2023: changes already visible?

With l’relaxation of selection criteria of the competition, for the first time, one of the 30 participants of Miss France 2023 will be tattooed. This is Agathe Cauet, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, who wears a very symbolic tattoo in the right groin. “I had a tumor at the age of 17, a borderline of 9 kilos. Today I have one less ovary. This tattoo represents him“, had thus entrusted the young woman of 23 years to TV Magazine. However, the standards carried for years by the competition have thick skin. “Some keep the previous criteria, such as limiting the age from 18 to 24, while others follow us”, indicated Alexia Laroche-Joubert, new committee chair Miss France about the regional committees.


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