what your astrological element says about you

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: are you one of these three signs of the zodiac? Know that you are part of the family of earth signs, which are characterized by their pragmatism, stability and introversion. Find out the commonalities and differences of earth signs.

You have read the term " earth signIn your horoscope without really understanding it. And yet, this is a basic to know in astrology, because it shows you which signs are most similar to yours, as if those signs belong to the same family. Indeed, people born under the same zodiac sign are led to find common characteristics, but not only!

The twelve astrological signs are classified in four elements: water, fire, earth and air . And each element rules three zodiac signs by assigning them common character traits, though they are found on very different dates. This is why the Taurus (April 21 – May 20), theVirgin (August 23 – September 22), and Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) share common hallmarks.

Even if the analysis of your birth chart remains optimal to better understand your personality, knowing what the element of your sign represents in astrology is already a good start.

Thus, the earth signs are distinguished by their attachment to the material world. Very pragmatic, they are also stable, endowed with an unwavering will, and display artistic qualities mixed with impressive productivity. They are the builders of the zodiac: whether it is building a house or starting a business, the earth signs remain the champions. However, this need for tangibility risks plunging them into materialism and greed. In love, they seek security and tranquility, but with a good dose of passion.

But what are the commonalities and differences between earth signs? And which astrological houses do they correspond to? Which planets influence them?

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What does “earth sign” mean in astrology?

In the zodiac, earth is the second natural element after fire, and precedes air and water. Earth is associated with strength and stability, as well as endurance and common sense. The earth represents the world of the concrete, the material, the laborious. To get results, you have to work the land with patience and perseverance. This is why the signs ruled by this element love a job well done and never shy away from their goals.

However, people born under the sign of Taurus or Virgo or Capricorn are not only pragmatic: they are capable of foolproof patience and can endure very difficult living conditions. These people are characterized by their Cartesian mind and an unwavering sense of duty, as well as an apparent coldness that conceals a gentle and sensitive soul.

However, they are differentiated by certain characteristics, as the element earth varies according to the season and affects the signs of the zodiac differently. That said, the earth signs are not totally different from the other elements: with the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), they show tenacity, while the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) share this propensity for firmness. Finally, with the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), they have in common an introverted side and helpfulness.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are stable signs that can always be counted on. The earth element is a fertile energy, prone to inner dialogue and reflection. In astrology, the earth signs are considered to be of “passive” polarity, which corresponds to a more feminine energy associated with Yang, because we identify in these signs qualities and defects that are more prevalent in women than in men.

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Taurus (April 21 – May 20): sign of "fertile" land

The land that characterizes Taurus is defined as "fertile" because it is influenced by spring and the mild climate that sets in. Calm, placid and calm, he likes to move at his own pace and has a very balanced personality. He prefers to take his time before taking action: he weighs every decision to make sure there is no risk. This explains the energy that governs this sign, always constant and almost inexhaustible, as well as its protective and maternal side towards those he loves. The planet Venus, symbol of beauty and love governs this sign of Epicurean nature.

Qualities :

Determined and persevering, Taurus are courageous and blessed with incredible strength of mind, always ready to fight for their dreams. In addition, he is famous for their endless patience and gentleness towards others, as well as his strong sense of friendship and love, which allows him to form lasting bonds. He is always fundamentally honest and his word is golden. Furthermore, as an accomplished esthete, you can say that he has a monopoly on good taste (pretty much!).

Defaults :

Although he enjoys traveling, in everyday life he is very (if not too) sedentary and routine. He loves to stay in his comfort zone: he lacks flexibility and adaptation and always tries to maintain the habits to which he is very attached. On the other hand, the visceral love he feels for his partner can lead him to become extremely jealous and possessive, and when he does argue, he never questions himself.

Love compatibility:

In love, he is sensual, tactile, and calls for a lot of tenderness and hugs. He easily becomes a real torturer of hearts, so well does he know how to use his charm. But despite everything, he will very quickly look for a life partner. So, as with other earth signs, Taurus gets along very well with water signs both in a relationship and in friendship, especially with Scorpio (his complementary sign). He also gets along very well with Cancer, Virgo, Libra with whom Taurus shares the influence of Venus. These signs also present an appetite for the aesthetic and material pleasures of life.

Incompatible signs: fire signs (especially Leo), Gemini, Aquarius

Astrological house: House II (acquisitions and material goods)

Associated precious stones: emerald, golden topaz, rose quartz

Metal : copper

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22): "mobile" earth sign

Virgo is characterized by the land of late summer, a phase of transition from one season to another, and for this reason, she defines herself as "mobile". In the zodiac, she immediately follows the bombastic sign of Leo and is opposed to it at all at all, as Virgo is the very allegory of self-control and organization. He is a logical, perfectionist, hardworking, practical, helpful, critical, self-conscious, and detail-oriented mind. Virgo is very shy and protects herself from all forms of invasion: above all, she seeks stability and security. This sign is directly influenced by Mercury, the planet of pure intellect and reasoning.

Qualities :

Calm and thoughtful, Virgo stands out for her sensitivity and discretion. She enjoys observing her surroundings and is attentive, especially when it comes to those around her, which makes her a great friend. She is also blessed with unparalleled selflessness and a great listening skills. In addition, she stands out for her organization and methodical side, as well as a great sense of duty and work. Very devoted, she can sacrifice herself for those she loves and gives the best without complaining: Virgo can only prosper when she feels indispensable!

Defaults :

Her rigor and precision in her organization lead her to become obsessed with perfection with an attention to detail that makes her excessively picky. She likes things to be done according to the rules of the art, but her rules: she is the champion of advice and criticism. This sign is fussy, he always has the last word and often irritates those around him by dint of doing better than everyone else. Moreover, her lack of self-confidence easily leads her to melancholy and victimization.

Love compatibility:

In love, Virgo is modest and not very sentimental. She prefers to control her emotions and feelings rather than indulge her desires for fear of rejection. However, once separated from her inhibitions, she becomes passionate like never before. In general, she gets along particularly well with water signs where a perfect understanding can be born within the couple, especially with Cancer and Pisces (her complementary sign). Virgo will also find happiness with other earth signs, while with air signs, she might be seduced by Gemini, with whom she has a strong sexual attraction.

Incompatible signs: Aries, Leo, and Aquarius

Astrological house: House VI (daily life and health)

Associated precious stones: opal, agate, garnet

Metal : aluminum

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 20): "fixed" earth sign

Capricorn's natural element is a "fixed", wintry, frozen earth, but it protects whatever sprouts in the spring. This is why she is associated with both a stable energy and a mother figure, who keeps her offspring in her womb. This is an ambitious sign, which is going slowly but surely. Smart, persevering, perfectionist, long-term projects are clearly his thing. In this way, Saturn, planet of logic and reasoning, influences Capricorn and gives it its serious side and legendary responsibility.

Qualities :

Cautious and thoughtful, Capricorn is a sensitive being, very responsible, but also determined: he does his best to achieve his goals in the best possible way. That's why everyone in his job (and not just that!) Considers him reliable, someone you can always count on. Due to his reserved nature, it is not easy to enter his circle of friends, but when he places his trust in you, he is shown to be kind, loyal, and incredibly dedicated.

Defaults :

His taciturn personality prompts him to behave coldly when you first meet him. He is a staunch loner who borders on misanthropy: he is self-sufficient and prefers to focus on his personal goals. The Capricorn is particularly known for his mistrust and pessimism, he is a bit of the group's killjoy (but we love him anyway). In addition, he sometimes expresses his opinion without thinking, at the risk of hurting his neighbor.

Love compatibility:

Capricorn is a shy and complexed lover who feels helpless when it comes to emotions and feelings. However, once his confidence has been gained, he is tender and protective towards his other half. That said, when it comes to compatibility, it only mixes well with water signs unlike other earth signs. Only Cancer (its complementary sign), Pisces, Scorpio are able to break down its barriers. He also finds a good harmony with Taurus and Virgo.

Incompatible signs: all signs of air and fire, especially Aquarius, Aries and Leo (yes, he's a loner after all)

Astrological house: House X (social success and the mother)

Associated precious stones: onyx, black opal, jet

Metal :lead

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