WhatsApp emoji set contains orange flag with black line: that’s what’s behind it


A flag emoji can be found on WhatsApp that may be unknown to many. We’ll tell you what’s behind the orange flag with the black line.

WhatsApp has a special flag to discover as an emoji. (Source: netzwelt)

  • WhatsApp has a mysterious flag as an emoji.
  • The symbol is not part of the Unicode Emoji set, but a political statement.
  • The flag is a symbol for refugees.

Sunday, July 17th is World Emoji Day. While the meaning of emoji like thumbs up is clear, other emoji cause confusion. So does this flag emoji on WhatsApp. It is an orange flag with a thin black horizontal line down the lower third of the flag.

What’s with the mysterious flag? The flag does not symbolize a nation state, but is considered a symbol for refugees. According to the blog Emojipedia, the so-called “Refugee Nation Flag” was designed by Syrian refugee Yara Said in 2015. Its colors and design are intended to remind you of a life jacket.

The emoji has been available on WhatsApp since June 2021, although it is not part of the Unicode emoji set. The introduction of the flag can therefore be seen as a political statement by the messenger.

WhatsApp recently caused a stir with a secret change in Messenger. An expansion of the reactions function is also planned for the near future.

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