When Marilyn Manson confessed to owning the skeleton of "a 4 year old child": Current Woman The MAG

Since her beginnings in music, Marilyn Manson has shocked the United States with her provocative lyrics, her very dark allure and her many escapades on stage. We remember in particular the shock caused by one of his shows in which he burned pages of the Bible in front of spectators. During his interviews with the American media, Brian Hugh Warner of his real name also likes to shock. In a context where Marilyn Manson is accused by five women of sexual assault, our colleagues from World remembered on Wednesday February 3, 2021 one of his interviews with the American magazine Rolling Stone.

The one whose stage name refers to actress Marilyn Monroe and guru Charles Manson congratulated himself on owning several skeletons, precisely four, including that of a 4 year old child. Another, to say the least, strange confidence: he claimed to make love at least five to ten times a day with his conquests, but never naked. Indeed, he takes care to keep some of his clothes on to escape in case his house burns down. "In an interview with the American magazine Rolling Stone, he then declares to make love at least five to ten times a day, keeping some of his clothes on, in case his house catches fire. He is loaned a collection of Nazi objects. and human skin masks, which he denies. On the other hand, he has several skeletons, including that of a 4-year-old child ", write our colleagues.

Marilyn Manson fired from her record company

Revelations that resurface today following revelations by Evan Rachel Wood and other women accusing the singer of sexual violence. The latter broke the silence on social networks Monday, February 1, 2021. The star actress of the series Westworld had already accused one of her boyfriends (Marilyn Manson, therefore) for this reason, without revealing the name until this day. "My abuser's name is Brian Warner, known to the world as Marilyn Manson. He started out by gaining my trust when I was a teenager and abused me for years," she wrote, followed by four other ex-conquests of the rocker.

A painful memory dating from the period during which she was in a relationship with Marilyn Manson, from 2007 to 2011. She continues her work of reconstruction. "I'm done living in fear of retaliation. He brainwashed me and manipulated me into submitting. I want to expose this dangerous man and the many industries that let him do it, before he ruin other lives. I stand alongside the many victims who will no longer be silent. ". Marilyn Manson, presumed innocent until the trial of this case, was fired by her record company on Monday February 1st.

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