When overtaking – children in the car: Alko driver (27) had an accident

During an overtaking maneuver, a Völkermarkt woman (27) came off the road in the Eberndorf area and slid her car onto a meadow. The woman had two children in the vehicle with her – and she was drunk.

A 27-year-old car driver from Völkermarkt was on Saturday evening with two underage children on Eberndorfer Straße (L120) when she wanted to overtake an 86-year-old German who was driving in front of her. During the process, she touched the pensioner’s car, came off the lane and then came to a standstill in a meadow.

Driver was drunk
“An alcohol test carried out on the 27-year-old was positive and her driver’s license was taken away,” said a police officer. Both the drivers and the children were unharmed. There was considerable material damage to the vehicles.

The FF Eberndorf and Gablern were in the rescue operation.