Which anti-aging care to choose and use?

Anti-aging products have become a staple of routine skincare. Dior, Clarins, Sisley or Clinique… this year again, it seems that the brands are getting a makeover. You will be able to find identical components in several products, including hyaluronic acid and its plumping properties, or niacinamide, a vitamin known to smooth and correct irregularity in the skin.

If you think antiaging care isn’t for you, think again. In reality, there is no age to start applying products to fight against the signs of aging. While some treatments are reserved for mature skin and others for younger skin, it is still important to take care of your face – not forgetting the neck and décolleté – as soon as possible. Here is our selection of 2022 novelties.


With their consistent texture rich in fatty components, creams moisturize the skin. They adapt to different skin types and target their needs: mature, textured, tired skin, etc.


To be applied generally before its cream, the serums and their very fluid texture, sometimes liquid, are more concentrated in active ingredients and therefore penetrate more quickly to actively reduce the signs of aging and fight against visible fine lines and wrinkles.

On the other hand, serums do not moisturize the skin. This is why they must always be accompanied by complementary products, such as a cream, a tonic, or an essence on clean, cleansed skin.

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