Which corona rules apply at Christmas and where? With this app you can keep track of the confusion

In the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, new ordinances, laws and rules are passed every week, which change our everyday life sometimes more and less strongly. The regulations are different in all federal states. It can even happen that the next district is subject to completely different decrees. In this chaos, it is not easy to stay informed.

How many people can get together over Christmas, in what form they can celebrate New Year’s Eve and whether 2G, 3G or 2G-Plus applies in restaurants, shops or cinemas, the free app “May I?” Clarifies.

Am I allowed to do that? Traffic light system for quick checks

Am I allowed to do that? Corona-App knows the current Corona rules in your region

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All you have to do is enter your location in the search bar or have it located automatically. The current 7-day incidence, hospitalization incidence and intensive care bed occupancy in your district are then displayed, as well as all regional restrictions.

How many friends can I currently meet? Who is allowed to enter bars and restaurants with what proof? What kind of mask do you have to wear when shopping and on the bus and train? Questions like these are answered quickly in the app – without having to go through a complicated Google search for advice every time. Thanks to a red-yellow-green traffic light system, you don’t have to go through every single topic. Red means clear restrictions, while green means no or hardly any restrictions.

And if you want to know in detail, you will find the link to the official rules website of the respective region directly in the app. So you no longer have to search for information on Corona rules with the May I do that? App.

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