which is the cheapest bank?

Whether you live in Loire-Atlantique, Vende, Sarthe, Maine-et-Loire or Mayenne, it is better to choose your bank carefully if you want to avoid prohibitive bank charges. Our ranking of the least greedy brands in the region.

Which of the 20 banks established in Pays de la Loire is the least expensive for a young person, for a customer with a classic profile or for a premium customer? This is the question we answer through our annual study. After having defined 3 profiles, calculated the annual fees linked to these banking behaviors and sorted the results by region, MoneyVox awarded a Banking Trophy to 4 establishments.

Banque Populaire and Crdit Maritime Grand Ouest rewarded among young people

The Young customer, as defined by the editorial staff, has fairly simple banking needs: a systematic authorization or immediate debit card, 2 monthly withdrawals outside their bank, 3 transactions outside the euro zone in the year, 12 instant transfers and as many occasional transfers per year… (see our methodology in detail). After analysis of the bank tariff brochures, the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest and the Crdit Maritime Grand Ouest are the least expensive establishments in the Pays de la Loire, with an annual cost of 20 euros. The Cristal Essentiel package, marketed by these two establishments, only costs 1 euro per month to 18-24 year olds. Finally, the bill is mainly inflated by the costs related to operations abroad. But this remains lower than the competitors and the average in the territory (37.27 euros).

BankAnnual fee for
the Young profile
People’s Bank Great West20.00
Credit Maritime Grand Ouest20.00
Credit Agricole Anjou Maine24.00
Credit Agricole Atlantique Vende24.00
Caisse d’Epargne Brittany Pays de Loire24.25
Credit Mutuel Ocan24.72
Credit Mutuel Anjou31.21
Credit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique, Center West31.21
BNP Paribas40.88
Tarneaud Bank41.00
Credit du Nord41.00
The postal bank43.90
Societe Generale46.40
Credit Mutuel MABN55.74

The Crdit Agricole de l’Anjou et du Maine, ideal for the Classic profile

With only 142.34 euros in annual fees, the Credit Agricole de l’Anjou et du Maine, present in Maine et Loire, Mayenne and Sarthe, won the Trophy for the least expensive bank in the Pays de la Loire region for the Classic profile (compared to an average of 173.46 euros in the territory). This user needs a classic Visa or Mastercard with immediate debit, makes 3 withdrawals per month outside his bank, makes an annual getaway outside the euro zone with 2 withdrawals and 2 payments, finds himself twice discovered for 4 days in the anne, take out payment means insurance…

BankAnnual fee for
the Classic profile
Credit Agricole Anjou Maine142.34
The postal bank150.06
Caisse d’Epargne Brittany Pays de Loire156.30
Credit Mutuel Ocan158.86
Credit Agricole Atlantique Vende163.36
BNP Paribas166.54
Tarneaud Bank166.80
Credit du Nord166.80
Societe Generale165.60
Credit Mutuel Anjou184.20
Credit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique, Center West184.20
People’s Bank Great West186.44
Credit Maritime Grand Ouest186.44
Credit Mutuel MABN189.16

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Crdit Mutuel Ocan, distinguished on the Premium profile

The Premium customer of the MoneyVox study needs a top-of-the-range deferred debit card, withdraws money 4 times a month from an ATM other than those of his bank, makes 3 withdrawals and 10 payments a year during a trip outside the euro zone, orders a checkbook every 3 years, takes out means of payment insurance, makes 24 occasional transfers a year… In Pays de la Loire, the customer corresponding to this profile would have every interest in subscribing to Crdit Mutuel Ocan (if he lives in Vende), who will bill him for his services 157.08 euros for the year. Lower prices of more than 60 euros the average on the territory (214.90 euros).

BankAnnual fee for
Premium profile
Credit Mutuel Ocan157.08
Credit Agricole Atlantique Vende180.00
Credit Agricole Anjou Maine180.00
Caisse d’Epargne Brittany Pays de Loire190.00
Tarneaud Bank196.30
Credit du Nord196.30
Societe Generale199.60
BNP Paribas200.50
The postal bank213.35
Credit Mutuel MABN227.52
People’s Bank Great West235.14
Credit Maritime Grand Ouest235.14
Credit Mutuel Anjou237.30
Credit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique, Center West237.30

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