Whisper: I'm cheating on my husband with a wife


Women tell
"I'm cheating on my husband – with another woman"

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Could you imagine cheating on your partner? And that with another woman? These women couldn't imagine it – until they did …

Many women are likely to be surprised by themselves in the first place when they cheat on their partner. After all, who would think of themselves that they would become unfaithful, put their relationship at risk and risk hurting their loved one just because someone else suddenly felt like lust and passion? And if that someone is still someone you never expected to be attracted to … then the surprise should be even greater.

On Whisper, numerous women have shared their stories that would probably confirm it.

Women tell: I cheat on my husband – with another woman

1. Purely physically

"I ruined my relationship because I cheated on him with another woman. I'm doing everything I can to get him back. I want him to know that it was purely physical and that it didn't mean anything."

2. Collegial relationship

"I'm married and have an affair with a colleague who is also married. We're going to work early this morning to have sex in my office."

3. "Hypocritical"

"I'm a devout woman who goes to church regularly and really enjoys cheating on my husband … with a wife. I love having a dirty secret that no one knows about."

4. Personal training

"I cheat on my husband with my personal trainer. Yes, I am 'that girl'. Oh, and my trainer is a woman."

5. The best sex ever

"I'm cheating on my husband with a woman and it's the best sex of my life. He thinks I've been retiring because of work lately. If he only knew …"

6. Ultimate breach of trust

"I cheat on my husband with his sister. If he had any idea it would break his heart. It's the worst scam, but I'm so drawn to her."

7. Love in the laboratory

"I cheated on my boyfriend with my lab partner. I can't even climax in bed with him …"

8. Fear of the truth

"I'm cheating on my boyfriend with a woman. I think I'm a lesbian, but I'm afraid to tell him."

9. Desire for more

"I cheated on my boyfriend with his boss … who is a woman. I have a guilty conscience, but I'd like to do it again somehow. She started a fire in me."

10. Does he also have a secret …?

"I cheated on my husband with another woman for a long time. He found out and it's not a problem for him. I feel bad for lying, but I'm glad he doesn't mind."

11. Better for everyone ?!

"My husband thinks I'm no longer bi because I married him. The truth is, I've been cheating on him with different women for years. It's just better if he doesn't know and I can meet my needs. "

12. Emotional affair

"My heart is broken and I can't find a hold. I had an affair with a woman and ended it because I'm married. I chose my husband, but I miss her so much."

13. Business relationship plus

"I've had an affair with my business partner for two years. My husband has no idea because she's a woman. Let's just say that we always have a lot of fun together when we're on business …"

14. Well camouflaged

"I'm a married woman and a mother of two. I'm having an affair with a colleague … she's 20, I'm 40. Nobody would ever expect me to."

15. BFF

"I had an affair with my best friend from high school at our class reunion. My husband had no suspicions when I slept with her because she's a woman. If he knew …"

16. Living with a lie

"I could NEVER come out to my family. That's why I stay with my boyfriend and occasionally sleep with women. I'm sorry … but I'm a secret lesbian."