Who has to clear snow ?: What tenants and landlords have to consider

Who has to clear snow?
What tenants and landlords have to consider

When winter sets in, it is important to clear the sidewalks of snow.

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With the onset of winter, there is some arduous work: snow clearing and gritting are part of it. The most important things at a glance.

In addition to sledding and building snowmen, the snow in winter also involves some arduous work, because: snow shoveling is all the rage! You can read here who is responsible for clearing and littering on the sidewalk and who is liable in the event of damage.

Landlords, tenants, homeowners: who is responsible for what?

Property and house owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks and driveways in the event of snowfall. The tenant only has to take over the work if this has been agreed in the rental agreement. Otherwise the landlord is responsible it says on the official website of the consumer advice center. Every now and then, separate rules apply to the sidewalks in front of the house. Detailed information can be obtained from the municipality.

When does the evacuation or littering obligation apply?

The sidewalks must be safe to walk on, which means that they must be shoveled around a meter wide so that two people can easily walk past each other. If you are absent, a substitute must be organized. This also applies to illness or old age. As far as time is concerned, the rules in the municipalities are mostly inconsistent. Often the clearing and littering obligation begins at 6 or 7 a.m. and ends at 9 p.m. in the evening. The requirements may vary on Sundays and public holidays. Here it is important to get information from your own community.

If it is slippery, you also have to sprinkle it, if possible with environmentally friendly grit made of limestone or quartz. Salt is banned in many municipalities. Grit and sand also provide slip protection. Look out for the “Blue Angel” eco-label when purchasing the grit.

Clear roofs of snow

Roofs must also be cleared when there is heavy snowfall, as there is a risk of collapse. Insurance companies do not always automatically cover such cases. Another danger is slipping snowboards and icicles, warns the consumer advice center.

What happens in the event of damage?

If a passer-by is injured due to a breached duty to clear and litter, he or she can demand compensation for pain and suffering. Private liability insurance helps tenants at this point. Home and building insurance applies to landlords. However, when winter sets in, pedestrians have to be careful and move around carefully.

If damage occurs despite the evacuation, statutory accident insurance can help the accident victim, but only if the accident occurs on the immediate way to work or on the subsequent way home.


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