Who is his wife Dominique with whom he has shared his life for 30 years?

Did you know that Philippe Etchebest has been married for many years? The chef met his other half Dominique in 1994. And since then, it’s been a successful business.

Philippe Etchebest is everywhere right now! Viewers can find the chef in the show Kitchen nightmare, whose last episode greatly moved Internet users. But above all, Philippe Etchebest is back in Top chef ! And good news, the new season starts this Wednesday evening on M6. The 15th season of the culinary show was highly anticipated and Philippe Etchebest risks experiencing an awkward moment with this candidate.

But do you know the private life of Philippe Etchebest? Because if the famous chef seems harsh sometimes, there is indeed a woman who makes his heart beat. It is Dominic, with whom the leader has been making perfect love since now 30 years ! Because it is in 1994 that Philippe Etchebest meets Dominique. A meeting that takes place in butchery of his future father-in-law.

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Philippe Etchebest: this surprising place for their first meeting

Under the charm of Dominique, Philippe Etchebest gives himself the means to seduce his beauty by offering her a bouquet of chocolate roses. What about their first date? A McDonald’s! No you are not dreaming, the renowned chef Philippe Etchebest took Dominique to McDonald’s for their first date. But it was “to drink coffee and not for dinner, rest assured”, he explained in the columns of Parisian in 2018. An unusual first meeting which will have borne fruit since the couple married 4 years later, in 1998. Today, the lovers live in Bordeaux and work together.

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Indeed, Dominique plays a major role in the career of Philippe Etchebest. She’s my agent, my assistant, my advisor… She also manages the stewardship and administration of all our projects. revealed the chef to Télé-Loisirs. Before adding: “I can’t sit still… But I like this rhythm without downtime, where everything comes together. Sometimes, Dominique comes to get me and sits me down on the sofa. She says to me: ‘Stop, relax for a bit …’ I can’t help it: even when I’m resting at home, I like to be productive.”

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An United family

One thing is certain, Philippe Etchebest has blind confidence in his wife who manages their two Bordeaux restaurants. “She is the general manager of the group. It has a very important function and role. I take care of everything that involves cooking, I stay in my field. She manages everything else. This is a very important part. We are a real pair. A team. We are partners”, he explained in the show As an aside, in January 2023.

And Dominique never misses an opportunity to compliment her husband. “What I find incredible about him are his values. He’s not macho. He considers me his equal and is very attentive to my point of view”, she confided to Tele-Leisure. In 2005, Philippe Etchebest and his wife Dominique adopted a little boy, named Oscar-Louis, in Mexico.

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