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In Friends, there are a lot of hugs between friends. But who kissed who already? Do you remember?

We saw a lot of kisses exchanging in the series Friends. So much so that it is difficult to remember who kissed whom at the time of these 10 seasons. Because, in fact, it's not just Ross and Rachel or even Monica and Chandler who are entitled to their kissing scenes. Friends Being a series that never gets older and that continues to gather many fans, we thought it would be interesting to test your knowledge of the series and more specifically on the kisses that were exchanged during these 10 hilarious seasons.

You will have to work on your memory because there are a few subtleties that could well mislead you … But there is no doubt about your ultimate fanaticism towards Friends. This quiz could confirm that you are the greatest connoisseur of the series and, above all, its stories of kisses with friends or lovers.

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Video by Clara Poudevigne

by Melanie Bonvard