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Koh-Lanta and its legendary adventurers are back for an “All Stars” edition, presented by Denis Brogniart. Shock tests, titanium casting … It promises to be muscular.

Koh-Lanta returns for the 20th time in its history. Dean of television games, the show brings together all generations and makes the whole of France dream. The former candidates have sometimes continued to participate in many adventure shows, see reality TV for some. Many say they have kept a link with Denis Brogniart. In 20 years of broadcasting, candidates got into a relationship, had children, came out, sometimes unfortunately left us… At the helm always, the indestructible Denis Brogniart remains a figure appreciated by all and all.

This 2021 season is an All Stars edition that brings together a list of unforgettable adventurers.Why can we really talk about an extreme season? Between old adventurers and new challenges, we are probably not at the end of our surprises!

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Koh Lanta: The Legend will be hard … because Denis Brogniart said so

Asked by Sud Ouest, Denis Brogniart confided in the Koh-Lanta’s success and longevity. He talks about a program that conveys positive and universal values: “surpassing oneself, competition, escape and travel”. The facilitator goes further: for him, “Koh-Lanta is undoubtedly, in all the history of television and all channels combined, the program which offers the most extreme adventure to voluntary and anonymous candidates: the project of being able to survive on its own by being confronted to people we don’t know at the beginning, with the fear of being eliminated every 3 days and by competing in complicated events, nothing is offered as difficult or as rewarding “, he emphasizes. Prepare yourself, it will bleed.

Because the sporting level of this “Koh Lanta All stars” is crazy

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The candidates are more than determined since their first selection. We think in particular of Sam, who did not hesitate to light a fire in the hall of the production box of the show to be noticed and selected. Entitled All Stars this year, the show does not make empty promises. This year warriors rub shoulders. In particular Clémence, double champion of Koh-Lanta, youngest victor in the history of the game at 20 years old will be there. Or Coumba, one of the participants in the first editions, has since become a sports coach. Much is expected from the presence of Jade, twice winner of the iconic pole event. On the men’s side, two record players for individual events are waiting for you: Claude, 17 wins, and Teheuira, who has 15. Another proof of the particular level of intensity: this year, no rice or kitchen utensils! Exit also the tests of comfort, there will be only tests of immunity.

Because we are all at the cleat

We still expect so much, the famous “Ah!” by Denis Brogniart will certainly be the opportunity to new compilations musicals of the best taste. Like every year, the meme festival on the adventures of the most famous castaways in France is set to go wild. And why not organize Koh-Lanta evenings between vaccinated relatives, since we can now find ourselves, with wacky immunity tests and adapted to your garden or apartment … We risk having the credits of the show in head for quite a while.

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