Will Duchess Camilla become queen after all? Her son’s statement makes you sit up and take notice

Will Duchess Camilla one day wear the title “Queen”?

Duchess Camilla

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When Prince Charles ascends the throne, the United Kingdom will in fact get a new Queen Consort in the form of today’s Duchess Camilla. Due to the past, however, she will not operate publicly under a queen title. Your son now comments on this sensitive matter.

The discussion about Duchess Camillas, 73, future title has been going on since the day she and Prince Charles, 73, announced their engagement – that is, since February 10, 2005. An official statement from Clarence House said at the time that it was intended that “Ms. Parker Bowles will have the” title Her Royal Highness, The Princess Consort “if Prince Charles becomes King. There is no literal translation of the title into German. Analogously,” Princess Consort “means a royal consort with the rank of princess This decision was probably made for the same reason that Camilla has publicly renounced the title “Princess of Wales” to this day: respect for Princess Diana, † 36.

Why there could be a Queen Camilla

A spokesman for the Wales couple confirmed to The Times in March 2020 that the attitude to the 2005 “Princess Consort” title had not changed. But is that true? Because what Camilla’s son Tom Parker Bowles, 46, said to “The Times” in May 2021 doesn’t sound so certain anymore.

I honestly don’t know if Mama is called Queen. That has not yet been decided

Constitutional experts assume that Duchess Camilla will very well become a Queen Consort on paper – even if she should not use the title in public. That being said, a lot has happened since Prince Charles married in April 2005. Duchess Camilla has become a respected member of the royal family and many Britons treat her and the Prince of Wales to late luck. That is why it is now assumed by Royal experts that one day Camilla will also publicly become Queen Camilla.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla

The difference between Queen Consort and Queen Regnant

In Great Britain a distinction is made between a ruling queen by birth like Queen Elizabeth (“Queen Regnant”) and a “by marriage” queen like Duchess Camilla (“Queen Consort”, in German for example: “King’s Consort”).

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