Windows 11: This is how you display the start menu on the left and restore the old design


Don’t like the new design of Windows 11? With a few clicks you can get the old design back out of the mothballs and even the left-aligned start menu.

  1. Align the start button and Windows 11 start menu to the left
  2. Restore old start menu in Windows 11 (app list and tile look)

Microsoft has given its own operating system with Windows 11 a new start menu. Instead of the tile-look start menu that opens to the left, Windows 11 uses a centered and fairly simple start menu.

If you don’t like the new design, you can easily bring back the old start menu from Windows 10 and also use the app list and tiles displayed at the bottom left in Windows 11. The following sections show how you can bring back the classic start menu in Windows 11.

To restore the old start menu with a tiled look, use the method in the next section. This works regardless of left alignment. You can also use the old start menu in Windows 11 in the middle if you like that better.

Last but not least, you can also remove the “Recommended files” from the Windows 11 start menu. You have now largely restored the old Windows 10 start menu.

We’ll also show you how to bring back the ribbon bar in Explorer under Windows 11.

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