Wissing in “ntv Frühstart”: “Hard lockdown does not solve the problem”

Wissing in the “ntv early start”
“Hard lockdown doesn’t solve the problem”

Despite the high number of infections, the FDP is still against tougher corona measures. The Merkel government is responsible for the fact that they will come anyway, said Secretary General Wissing. Even a hard lockdown will not get the virus out of Germany.

FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing blames the federal government for possible tightening of the corona restrictions. “Ultimately, we need the lockdown that the Chancellor now wants, but only because the vaccine has not been procured and because the chains of infection cannot be tracked electronically,” Wissing said on the ntv program “Frühstart”. In addition, the grand coalition has so far provided too few rapid tests. “That is irresponsible.” The tests are a good way to find infected people.

Wissing thinks little of new, more drastic measures. “If the Federal Chancellor wants a tightened lockdown, this lockdown will not drive the coronavirus out of Germany or even from all over the world.” Instead, a long-term strategy on how to deal with the virus is needed. Regional reactions to the infection process, more tests, vaccinations and personal responsibility are important. “It is not a hard lockdown that solves the problem, but responsible handling.”

“Erratic governance does not help”

Wissing also commented on the dispute between Chancellor Merkel and the federal states. The Chancellor had threatened to use the Infection Protection Act to urge the federal states to take tougher measures. The FDP general secretary told ntv that his party was ready to talk about changes in the Bundestag and Bundesrat. “We support the discussion about revising the law.”

Wissing said he could not issue a blank check on behalf of the FDP. Even the current Infection Protection Act was designed the way the Chancellor wanted – and in some cases she did not adhere to the incidence values ​​set out in it. “She has to constantly correct her own policy. The erratic governance does not help to fight such a pandemic.” Wissing again questioned the decision-making power of the Prime Minister’s Conference. “We need an infection protection law that keeps the Bundestag more involved.”