With this trick, your makeup will never look boring


We are all often stuck in our daily makeup routine. Of course, this often leads to our daily make-up getting bored. But we don't have a better idea that doesn't take 4628647194 years. Rihanna's make-up artist Priscilla Ono, on the other hand, has a clue – and shared her tips with us:

Mixing cool and warm tones in an eye make-up creates a wonderful contrast.

Such a simple trick, but it has a big impact. Often we tend to always think in our well-known and proven color scheme. Mixing cool and warm nuances is not the most blatant change in the world, but it can still be done by all of us. Because you can apply this tip to all possible color schemes: brown tones, red tones, pink tones and peach tones – they can all have warm and cool undertones. Of course, it is essential here that you blend the colors correctly. Because, according to Priscilla Ono, this is one of THE mistakes that almost everyone makes. If you think you've blinded enough, blind again. Then it is perfect!


If you don't have as much experience with eyeshadow, Priscilla Ono generally advises you to start with neutral shades and gradually try out different shades:

If you are new to the eyeshadow field, you should first invest in a neutral palette. To find the perfect palette, swatch the colors on your arm and make sure the colors are very close to your own skin tone. As soon as you feel more comfortable with eyeshadows, you can experiment with colors. There are no rules …

Apropros no rules: However, if you are less part of the eyeshadow team, you can also use eyeliner to apply a look that is anything but boring.

Swap the ordinary black or brown eyeliner for a bright color.

How fitting! Colorful eyeliners have been very trendy since last year and luckily we will continue to see and love them. If you rely on colorful eyeliner, you don't really need to do much on the eyes anymore. You can find out exactly how you use colorful eyeliner here.