Wolfgang Kubicki in the “early start”: FDP wants black-red-yellow

Wolfgang Kubicki in the “early start”
FDP wants black-red-yellow

FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki calls for a committee of inquiry into Afghanistan after the Bundestag election and sharply criticizes both the BND and Foreign Minister Maas. He would like to see a “Germany coalition” as the next government.

The deputy chairman of the FDP, Wolfgang Kubicki, has spoken out in favor of a black-red-yellow alliance, a so-called Germany coalition, with a view to the formation of a government after the federal elections on September 26th. “My preference is for a German coalition, and if that doesn’t work, then Jamaica will probably be the most likely option,” said Kubicki in ntv’s “early start”.

Kubicki emphasized that SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz was a “good mayor” in Hamburg and also a “good campaigner for the SPD”, but: “I think it is extremely unlikely that the Social Democrats will become the strongest political force in parliament. “

When asked whether a German coalition under SPD leadership would still be conceivable, the FDP politician said: “This is a new variant, we all have to think about it again. But I don’t think it’s likely. I believe that the Union becomes the strongest political force. “

“BND has failed completely”

Kubicki assumes that there will be a committee of inquiry into Afghanistan after the general election. “I’m sure there will be. No more before the federal election, that makes no sense given the short time available. But after that we have to work up where the mistakes were,” said Kubicki in the “early start” of ntv.

The role of the Federal Intelligence Service also has to be dealt with, since it has “also failed completely”, although it is being “endowed with billions”, according to Kubicki. A committee of inquiry would also be of great importance, said Kubicki, “because we not only have Afghanistan, we have other missions abroad. We have to deal with this in parliament so that such risks do not recur for the people there.”

“Maas to be released first”

Kubicki repeated his demands for the relevant ministers to resign, but emphasized: “First I would dismiss Heiko Maas because it is a complete failure of German diplomacy and foreign policy.”

The Foreign Office should have made preparations with an “exit strategy” and had to bring the local staff to safety in Afghanistan much earlier, said the FDP politician. A “danger” had been created for the local people, which is why it would have been a “moral and legal obligation” to avert this danger for the people. Further: “That this has not happened is not only embarrassing, it is simply pathetic and this patheticness must have consequences.”

Looking at the Chancellor, Kubicki said: “If the sentence ‘I take responsibility’ is supposed to have any meaning, then it must be followed by consequences.” However, the Chancellor is no longer running in the upcoming federal election and “therefore the resignation is more a symbolic one, also for reasons of political hygiene, and less a realistic one,” said Kubicki.