Wolke Hegenbarth doesn’t want another baby: “The first year was bad”

Cloud Hegenbarth
“I don’t trust us to have another baby”

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Wolke Hegenbarth has been a happy mother for two years. The actress now describes the first time as a “borderline experience” and reveals that she “would not dare to have another baby”.

At the end of August, Wolke Hegenbarth, 41, dedicated touching lines to her son on the occasion of his second birthday. As much as she loves Avid, the actress can’t imagine another child. In an interview with “Bunte” she even reveals: “The first year was really bad”.

Wolke Hegenbarth: “That was a borderline experience for me and Oli”

In the summer of 2019, Klein-Avi completed the family happiness of Wolke and her fiancé Oliver Vaid. But the actress thinks back to the first time as a threesome with mixed feelings. “I hardly slept. Avi slept a maximum of two hours at a time, for a month only 45 minutes. That was a borderline experience for me and Oli, who also worked on the side,” Hegenbarth explains and continues: “To have before we thought we were tough. But we felt like we could watch each other decay. “

It is a relentlessly frank summary of her first time as a mother. Is that also the reason for Wolke’s decision about the future? Because Hegenbarth is not planning any further offspring. “One child is enough for us,” she explains, dropping a sentence that makes one sit up and take notice: “I don’t trust myself to have another baby, or rather we don’t.”

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In the first few weeks after the birth, cloud crept on the gums

Already in the GALA interview, which took place three months after the birth of her son, the “Mein Leben & Ich” star admitted that the first few weeks with the baby were “exhausting”. “The lack of sleep completely tore me. I used to have a balanced one sleep , always nice eight hours. Now, after six weeks, I was really crawling on my gums, “Cloud admitted, but also assured that she would still find her child” great. “These are words that will probably help many other parents who are going through a difficult time They show: you are not alone.

Even if there won’t be another baby for Wolke and her Oliver, there is still a big deal ahead of him. The couple dreams of a wedding in India. In March 2020, the parents got engaged while on vacation in South Africa.

For the actress it would be the second marriage. She had been married to Justin Bryan, an architectural draftsman from South Africa, for nine years. It is not yet known when Hegenbarth and the marketing specialist will appear before the altar.

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