Women would rather stay single, study finds

Better to be alone than in bad company… The days when celibacy was frowned upon are long gone. But for these women, this is not inevitable, quite the contrary! Today, the single woman remains free and autonomous. In any case, this is what this study by the Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) claims.

"When do you introduce someone to us? If you are single, you must have heard this sentence at least 9384 times. However, this study by INED, published on December 9, 2020, shows that in addition to being more and more numerous, two-thirds of single people live their love situation well. Women from modest backgrounds, in particular, would feel better without a partner than in a relationship. Today, many (too) people still view lonely people with pity, when in reality, yes, we can be single by choice and by happiness!

Here's what the investigation revealed:

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Single or in a relationship, no difference

With 21% of single men and women, in the 26-65 age group, their impressions of their love life remain the same: “Only a minority (a third) of single people report a negative effect of celibacy in their daily or social life, on vacation or leisure, ”says the survey.

Regardless of the dimension addressed, single women and men more often than not consider that “it doesn't change anything”. We are therefore far from the clichés of romantic comedies. Like what, the life of a couple does not necessarily boil down to an accomplishment in itself.

Single and emancipated: these women are breaking stereotypes

Beyond indifference, for women, especially those from the most modest backgrounds, celibacy would have an emancipatory effect. The "negative effects" of celibacy are little or no felt at all among employed women and workers. 50% of them believe that celibacy is a choice (compared to 25% among women managers and higher intellectual professions).

This might come as a surprise, but even in a situation of single parenthood – a situation that we know is impoverishing – women cope much better in this unmarried life. For them, with or without a spouse, domestic life remains the same. They have to "organize", "do everything" and "manage everything". However, the difference is noted in their autonomy. Alone, they are now free to decide, albeit with constraints, expenses or children's education, because they realize that they are not accountable. Financial independence would allow them to better savor this single life. That way, no husband, no patriarchy.

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Why this feeling of unease around celibacy?

For executives and people from a higher intellectual profession (men and women), it is above all social pressure that prompts them to view their romantic situation with disdain. Particularly for those who are dangerously approaching their thirties, where the pressure to form a couple is increasingly felt.

According to the study, this feeling of unease comes from the awareness of being in the minority among friends of the same age in a relationship: “56% of 30-34 year olds have already had the impression that their loved ones were trying to get them to meet someone, ”says INED. This pressure weighs so heavily on them that "18% (of single people aged 30-34) let their loved ones believe that there was someone in their life." When you think about it, the fear of celibacy is more of a social phenomenon than a twist of fate.

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