work overloads create unease at France Bleu

Overload of work, loss of meaning, risk of burnout: things are bad for France Bleu, the regional network of Radio France which has 44 stations in France. This is the conclusion of an expertise carried out by ISAST, a consulting firm commissioned by the unions and whose conclusions were officially presented at an extraordinary CSE on 1er December to the president of Radio France, Sibyle Veil.

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Following a questionnaire sent to 1,847 employees (including freelancers), and after around sixty individual interviews, the experts’ report points to a ” work overload “, cause of “Many dysfunctions”. Thereby, 56% of journalists regularly work more than 42 hours per week ”, including 29% more than 50 hours per week, depending on the report to which The world had access. Likewise, “54% of middle management work regularly between 42 hours and more than 50 hours per week”.

A “feeling of abandonment”

At the heart of the problem, the number of missions has increased in recent years, while at the same time the numbers have remained stable. “We put local news in the newspapers: we went from one newspaper per hour to two, but with the same number of journalists, explains Matthieu Darriet, from the SNJ. We also do web articles related to the reports, except that we do two or three reports per day. “

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Among “The indisputable evidence”, the cabinet notes that “Internet power has a strong impact on working time”, while the “Staff and resources [sont] insufficient ”. It also emphasizes “Work situations which could be likened to moral harassment”, and detects a “Strongly expressed feeling of abandonment and loss of meaning”.

One option is not being considered: that of recruiting at France Bleu, which weighs a third of the group’s total workforce.

Within the management of Radio France, we take the report seriously. “France Bleu is undergoing a growth crisis. Until 2018, savings mainly related to the network. Since then, they have been sanctuarized ”, recognizes a senior executive of the radio group, who admits that “The teams carried out digital developments on an equal basis”. At Radio France, we like to praise the performances of France Bleu, the “Third radio station in France”, and its progress in digital (+ 74% in one year, as specified in the 2020 annual report).

By learning about the expertise, Sibyle Veil asked its director of human resources to find solutions to the most problematic individual situations as quickly as possible. At the same time, it will launch “An organizational audit” in January, in order to provide answers at the latest at the start of the next school year, in September 2022. “Do we need new IT tools, exchange more content to relieve the employees? “, we ask management. However, one option is not being considered: that of recruiting from France Bleu, which accounts for a third of the group’s total workforce. Radio France is in fact pursuing the savings plan of 60 million euros out of a budget of 660 million euros by 2022.

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