World Animal Protection Day – Asfinag employees save cat from S10 tunnel

This little black cat was not unlucky, it was unlucky: The injured velvet paw was discovered by Asfinag employees in the Götschka tunnel near Neumarkt in the Mühlkreis on Monday morning, which was World Animal Day by the way.

The Free City Red Cross had sounded the alarm. The workers did not hesitate long and secured the cat in the emergency telephone booth, says Karin Binder from the animal rescue and animal shelter Freistadt.

Rupture diagnosed
“We caught the completely finished cat and brought it to our vet for a check-up,” says Binder. After the X-ray, a fracture in front of the base of the tail and a bladder injury were diagnosed. “Now we have to hope that the injuries can be stabilized.”

Animal owners are asked to contact the Freistadt animal shelter on 0664/2238295.

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