World Car Awards – Which of these three is Car of the Year?

The biggest auto award in the world also makes it the most exciting: After two rounds of evaluation, the winners in five categories have actually been determined – but as usual, only the top 3 are announced initially. Two very small ones are represented three times.

Honda e and Toyota Yaris are the stars among the top 3 finalists. Both are on the podium in three categories, including the main category “World Car of the Year”. Here the two Japanese meet the most important model from the Volkswagen group according to their own definition, the VW ID.4. We’ll know on April 20th, when the winners are announced, whether an electric car has prevailed, or the German finalist, or both.

Incidentally, the “Krone” readers voted completely differently in the online voting. From the shortlist of ten, they chose Mazda MX-30, BMW-4-series and Kia K5 / Optima right at the front. The Toyota Yaris follows in fourth place, Honda e and VW ID.4 just follow eight and ninth.

Also at World Urban Car we meet Honda e and Toyota Yaris, which are accompanied by a second Honda in this category, namely the Honda Jazz. Here, the jury voting coincides better with that of the “Krone” readers, who see the Yaris as a city car at the forefront, the Honda e with a respectable margin in second place. The Hyundai i20 would have been in third place here.

At the World Performance Car of the Year the Yaris has taken on the big ones, but in the all-wheel drive rally version called GR Yaris. With 261 hp, it doesn’t even have half as much power as its two opponents: Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi RS Q8. This top 3 is entirely in the spirit of the “Krone” readers. If they have their way, the agile Japanese is right at the top of Porsche and Audi.

The Honda e in turn appears at the World Car Design of the Year, together with Land Rover Defender and Mazda MX30.

The only category without the two long-running hits is World Luxury Car of the Year. The favorite of the “Krone” readers did not make it into the top 3. The three most luxurious cars in the world are the Mercedes S-Class, Land Rover Defender and Polestar 2.

An outlook for next year: From 2022, the electric car of the year will also be chosen.

We’ll find out on April 20 who dominated the categories in 2021.