Wrinkles under the eyes – THAT helps!


Although they are annoying, but still no reason to relax – wrinkles under the eyes. With a healthy lifestyle and proper care, we can do a lot for a glowing eye area.

Far too little sleep or a few glasses of wine in the evening in combination with a few smoldering stems make our sensitive eye area look very old. Crows feet,  dark circles  and wrinkles under the eyes are quickly noticeable. Although we can not stop the skin aging, but with a healthy diet, enough sleep and the right eye care do so much for a smooth, radiant eye area. Here are our best tips and tricks against eye wrinkles.


Wrinkles under the eyes: causes

  • At 0.5 mm, the eye area is almost four times thinner than the rest of the facial skin.
  • In addition there are hardly any subcutaneous fatty tissue as well as few sebaceous and sweat glands that protect them from drying out
  • and – last but not least – 10,000 blinks a day!
  • Also environmental influences (UV-radiation)
  • little sleep
  • unhealthy diet
  • alcohol
  • and cigarettes accelerate skin aging and thus the formation of wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Also playing natural skin aging a major role. Because while we are in our younger years, a very tight skin without any wrinkles, the elasticity decreases with age more and more.

So, if you do not just want to minimize but also counteract eye wrinkles, you should start with the right care at an early age.


Fight wrinkles under the eyes with proper care!

Although wrinkles under the eyes are normal, many women still find them disturbing. With serums, creams & Co., however, the wrinkles can be reduced. You should pay attention to your product selection:

  • moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids and herbal ingredients such as cucumber or aloe vera
  • a night care with lipids and fats, for example, vegetable oils such as evening primrose, grape seed or wheat germ oil
  • Firming and antioxidant agents such as peptides, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • Ingredients that have a decongestant and help against dark circles , such as ginseng and caffeine
  • Absolute must for daytime: a cream with UV protection . UV radiation is and will remain the main factor in premature skin aging!


Wrinkles under the eyes: Injection with Botox or Hyaluron

For deeper wrinkles under the eyes an injection with Hyaluron or Botox offers immediate help. Hyaluronic acid cushions eye wrinkles quickly, makes the skin beautifully bulging and also boosts sustainable collagen production. Botox paralyzes the facial muscles and thus the formation of eye wrinkles. While Botox breaks down again after a few months, the effect of hyaluronic acid lasts much longer. Often, however, the use of Botox is combined with the injection of hyaluronic acid.


Simply massage away wrinkles under the eyes!

Even a gentle massage  can do a lot to prevent wrinkles. It transports slag, boosts lymphatic flow and oxygenation, and minimizes crow’s feet, shadows and wrinkles under the eyes, and swelling .

In addition to proper care with Hyaluron and Co., it is a healthy lifestyle that has a positive effect on skin aging and thus the formation of eye wrinkles. These include sufficient sleep, no alcohol or nicotine, plenty of water and a healthy diet .