Xiaomi and OPPO are preparing to release the first smartphones with 200W fast charging

Xiaomi and OPPO are the pioneers when it comes to fast charging. The two Chinese manufacturers now hope to quickly market the first smartphones capable of recharging in just a few minutes at a power of 200 W.

According to information from the Digital Chat Station leaker, the first smartphones compatible with 200 W wired fast charging should soon see the light of day at Xiaomi and OPPO. Xiaomi had unveiled earlier in 2021 its 200 W Hypercharge technology, which can recharge a 4000 mAh battery in just 8 minutes. It is therefore much faster than the current 120 W of the Xiaomi 12 Pro which allows it to recharge its 5000 mAh battery to 100% in 17 minutes.

Xiaomi promises that its technology is quite safe for its batteries, since after 800 cycles, the smartphone would still retain more than 80% of its initial autonomy. It is therefore more than market standards as well as the limit imposed by Chinese regulations which stipulate a 40% maximum degradation within 400 charge cycles. On Weibo, Digital Chat Station already announces that Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with a 4500 mAh battery compatible with 150 W fast charging. It could be the future MIX 5 and MIX 5 Pro which should arrive by March 2022 in China.

OPPO is also working on 200 W fast charging, but has not presented a prototype

For its part, OPPO has so far not presented any prototype that can be recharged at a power of 200 W, but according to Digital Chat Station, the Chinese giant hopes to quickly market a smartphone equipped with this technology.

OPPO recently introduced its Flash Charge technology that can charge a smartphone to 125 W, but the Chinese manufacturer has so far never integrated this technology in one of its smartphoness. Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer had recognized that the 125W fast charging degraded its batteries, and for the moment preferred to be satisfied with 65 W on its high-end smartphones.

Nevertheless, we know that the next high-end smartphone from OPPO, the Find X5 Pro, will support a maximum power of 80W, just like the new OnePlus 10 Pro which was presented this morning. We will therefore probably have to wait until next year before OPPO takes the plunge and unveils a smartphone compatible with 200 W technology.

Source: Digital Chat Station

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