XPeng’s flying car spotted… rolling, thanks to its huge roof box

The Chinese manufacturer XPeng strongly believes in the flying car. After various drone prototypes, the manufacturer was surprised in China, testing the P7 sedan, equipped to be able to fly in the air.

XPeng flying car concept

XPeng is a recent but already powerful Chinese manufacturer with good sales figures in the local market. The company is also present in Europe, more specifically in Norway, where it markets the G3i, P5 and P7 electric cars. We also had the opportunity to approach these three models during the EVS35 show in Oslo, but also to see the Voyager X2, a people carrier drone, which really flies. XPeng does not intend to stop there and is working on a flying car.

In March 2022, patents for a flying car made by XPeng leaked on the internet. The opportunity to discover a strange vehicle, taking the form ofa traditional car, but with a huge roof box. It is in the latter that the propellers are stored when the vehicle is stationary. This flying car prototype has just been seen on a road in China, in its camouflage uniform.

We see a kind of modified XPeng P7, slightly elongated with the front axle moved and the suspensions raised. The most striking is of course this huge roof box which would therefore contain the propellers of the flying car. For the moment, we are clearly in the presence of a prototype, and it seems very difficult to fly the P7 over great distances with its 2 tons on the scale. The Chinese manufacturer indeed provides a weight divided by two, around a ton.

XPeng actually plans to commercialize its flying car. The Canton firm plans to launch this machine in 2024, for a price of around 150,000 dollars. We are still entitled to question the usefulness and legality of such a vehicle. The flying car is of course completely illegal in most countries of the world at the moment. Regarding its usefulness, it is difficult to find, since the autonomy should be extremely low, due to the weight and aerodynamics of the whole.

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