Yoni Egg: This is how pelvic floor training works

Increased desire and training for the pelvic floor muscles at the same time: A yoni egg promises exactly that. We have tips for use so that you can ignite your new self.

The Yoni Egg, maybe you’ve heard of it and wondered what it is, why it’s called that and what it’s used for. Yoni eggs belong to the love balls category and are therefore sex toys. But apart from that, they can do so much more, such as yours Permanently strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and alike sensitize. Therefore, the Yoni Egg is also recommended for women with incontinence or after pregnancy. The stronger the muscles in the pelvic floor, the more control you have. And the nice side effect of this: more intense orgasms are programmed through activated nerve endings.

How does a yoni egg work and how does it work?

The yoni egg and its use are all about getting to know yourself better and your yoni – i.e. the female genital area including the uterus, vulva and vagina – as a species “holy temple” to watch. Because that means Yoni literally translated. The intensive connection to your yoni brings you new zest for life, well-being and a freshly awakened youth!

The yoni egg is an egg-shaped gemstone, usually rose quartz, jade, amethyst or obsidian. There are three sizes in total if you are a beginner, start with this largest yoni egg, since your yoni still has to be trained and therefore has the least effort. You insert it into your yoni, where it will hold by itself.

Think of it as a little accessory that helps you discover yourself without anyone knowing or noticing. You can also simply use the yoni egg integrate into your everyday life and wear it at work or you put in a Yoni Yoga class. The fact is, if you wear the yoni egg regularly, the PC muscle, which ensures strong pelvic floor muscles and an exciting sex life, is strengthened by the contractions when carrying and holding the egg.

Which gem suits me?

Whether rose quartz, jade, amethyst, obsidian, quartz, red jasper, moonstone, labdradorite, lapis lazuli, crystal, carnelian, fluorite, orange calcite – the list of gemstones is long. In most cases, the five first gems are known to be the most commonly used for yoni eggs. Their spiritual effect is described as follows:

  • rose quartz: Calms and promotes connection to the partner
  • Jade: Has a balancing effect and helps with self-realization and self-knowledge
  • Amethyst: Releases negative energy and reduces stress
  • obsidian: Releases fears, trauma and blockages and helps to learn from them
  • Quartz: Rock crystal also relieves pain and improves the immune system

When choosing the right Yoni Egg for you, rely on your instincts and choose the stone that appeals to you the most – if only because of its color.

A There is no yoni egg for men, after all, the egg is specially made for our yoni and therefore bears this name. However, men also benefit from the Yoni Egg, more on that later.

Alternatives to the yoni egg by the way, there are enough of them. These are then simply called love balls and are made of silicone instead of a gemstone. They are also available in different colors and especially shapes. From the purple apple up to flower-shaped love balls everything is included to give you a similar effect: pelvic floor muscle training and a sensitized yoni.

How do I use the Yoni Egg?

The right application is the be-all and end-all of the yoni egg. Because incorrectly inserted, the egg cannot unleash its effect and may not last. So that this does not happen, you will receive from us a little guide for your first application:

Step 1: Lie on your back, relax

Step 2: Now spread your legs and put your feet further apart to make it easier to insert the egg

Step 3: Now insert the egg with the wider half first

Notice: Don’t worry about the egg getting lost in your uterus. It cannot travel further than the cervix. It can’t get stuck either!

To remove the egg from your yoni, you should as a beginner a retrieval strap attach to the egg. So you can pull it out gently. If you are already a bit more experienced with yoni egg, then you can use the egg push out using your trained pelvic floor muscles. To do this, you squat down and hold your hand under your yoni to catch the egg.

You can clean the egg in two ways, hygienically and energetically. To sanitize it, hold the egg under running lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. This is how you prevent infections! One Soap is not necessaryAfter all, you don’t need them for your yoni either. For the energetic cleaning you use nature or put the egg in the moonlight.

duration, size and frequency

Especially as a beginner you should do short yoni training rounds. 15 minutes a day is enough to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, for example through Yoni yoga, which you can even do naked in the best case. Your body is beautiful and you should not be ashamed of it, especially in front of yourself.

You can choose between the Sizes S, M and L. You start with the largest egg, i.e. size L, because your muscles are not strong enough to hold a smaller size. If you are already familiar with the yoni egg magic and have gained a little experience, it is best to use an egg in size M or S. Ideally, you should buy all three sizes at the same time and treat yourself small setto complete your daily training without gaps.

When can I wear the Yoni Egg?

The yoni egg can usually be used at any time, but you should in certain situations talk to your doctor beforehand. Incidentally, a general preliminary discussion does not hurt if you are considering starting with the Yoni Egg.

We will now explain whether you can wear the egg during your period, pregnancy, after birth and during sex.

During your period:

In general, you can wear the Yoni Egg during your period. In this case, however, you should definitely speak to your doctor beforehand and never use the egg for more than half an hour so that the blood can flow naturally. After use, your yoni egg should be thoroughly cleaned.

During pregnancy:

If you are pregnant, wearing a yoni egg is not recommended. Your yoni is sensitive, and using the ice to train your pelvic floor muscles would constrict your vaginal tract, making childbirth more difficult. If you suffer from incontinence during your pregnancy, talk to your doctor whether a yoni egg makes sense in this case.

After birth:

After you have given birth to your child vaginally, a yoni egg is highly recommended. The stretched tissue is tightened and strengthened again and the hormone balance is also happy about the regulation. To be on the safe side, talk to your doctor beforehand.

during sex?

The yoni egg causes new nerve endings to develop, making your yoni more sensitive and your orgasms more intense. But you can also use the egg during sex. Your partner uses his penis to push the egg against your G-spot, increasing your pleasure. And the man also gets his money’s worth from the additional friction during this time. The egg also proves to be a worthwhile support during sex between women. Above all, one thing is important: a lot of tenderness instead of uninhibited wild sex. Another tip: Beginners should first deal with the egg themselves and avoid it.

Yoni egg and spiral?

The spiral is one of the many contraceptives for women and is firmly anchored in the yoni. In this case, however, you should seek advice from your doctor beforehand as to whether you can use a yoni egg without hesitation.

Benefits of the Yoni Egg

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles
  • Increases pleasure
  • Sensitizes your yoni
  • Helps with incontinence
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Makes you bond with yourself more intensely
  • Trains the tissue after birth

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