Yoshinori Kitase gives Final Fantasy VII Rebirth news and promises big announcement on another episode

The traditional New Year’s greetings from Japanese developers make it possible to keep abreast of the progress of certain projects. Some artists are also taking advantage of this moment to teaser the projects and announcements that will arrive in 2023, like Yoshinori Kitasewhich oversees the entire saga Final Fantasy at the house of Square-Enix. Given that he is very involved in the remake of the seventh episode of the series, he wanted to say a few words about the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirthbut not only.

New remake in sight?

In addition to being the head of the entire license, Kitase is also a producer on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which means that he was somewhat obliged to give us some news on this title which could be released in the winter of 2023/2024. However, it is the end of his statement that challenges us, since she’s teasing us another announcement Final Fantasy for 2023 that is not related to Final Fantasy VII :

Development is ramping up on the title I’m producing, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. I’m sure many of you are trying to imagine how we’ll recreate some of the game’s most iconic scenes, and we’ll have more details to share about that when the time is right. There will also be another big announcement unrelated to Final Fantasy VII that I can’t comment on at this time.. Rest assured that we are working hard to make 2023 the most exciting year yet. »

The first thing to remember is that the development of Rebirth seems to be going on without a hitch, giving us hope that the title will indeed give some news this year. The second detail that calls out is obviously this famous announcement linked to the saga. Because Final Fantasy XVI will be released this year, it is hard to see Square Enix announce a seventeenth episode in the process.

Which therefore leaves fans to imagine that this announcement could concern a potential Final Fantasy IX Remake, which was leaked to Nvidia some time ago. This gigantic leak has proven to be correct on many occasions in recent months, so much so that a remake of the ninth episode is no longer really a fantasy, but a possibility, no doubt to stick with the broadcast of the anime which is also due to arrive soon. A new version of Final Fantasy Tactics also seems to be in the works, so who knows.

At this stage, we remain in the realm of speculation, but in this new year, we have the right to dream a little bit.

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