“You are sour and sour”: big clash between Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez in Touche pas à mon poste (VIDEO)

The debates escalated on the set of Do not touch My TV around the Gims controversy. A virulent clash opposed Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau.

The debates are sometimes lively on the set of Do not touch My TV and occasionally fester. Cyril Hanouna and his chroniclers had chosen to come back to Valérie Pécresse’s response to the Gims controversy. “It is not part of our convictions for us Muslims. Come on, let’s focus a bit on our own stuff. It’s not bad, but let’s stay strong on our values. Christmas, we respect, but it’s not our holiday “, the artist had declared. Remarks unacceptable for the candidate The Republicans in the presidential election, who had answered the singer on the set of C to you. “These words are all I’m fighting. It is communitarianism. It is to deny our calendar feasts. It is to fall back on a religious community “, had indicated the president of the Ile-de-France region. To discuss this subject, the host of C8 received Juliette Briens, presented as a patriotic influencer.

The debate escalates on the plateau

Shocked by the point of view defended by the young woman, Gilles Verdez tried to defend the singer again, which annoyed Matthieu Delormeau, who did not fail to point out to him.You, Delormeau, are starting to inflate me. You understood ?”, the journalist got carried away. “Leave important topics to those in the know and comment Love is in the meadow “, relaunched the chronicler. Inspired, Fatou’s companion compared his antagonist to “La Redoute’s replacement mannequin that we put on page 687 because no one is going to read the catalog”, before asking him to shut up. A remark that displeased the person, who outbid and attacked the CV of his rival.My poor Gilles, like all people who do nothing and only comment, you are sour and bitter. You didn’t do anything, you didn’t produce anything, you didn’t create anything “, he got carried away. Not to be outdone, Gilles Verdez continued under the laughter of the host: “No one wants you anymore, even Cyril lets you down.”

The intervention of Benjamin Castaldi did not help anything

“You are a sham, Gilles”, exclaimed Mathieu Delormeau in return, more and more exasperated. The exchanges escalated between the two men and the intervention of Benjamin Castaldi did not help anything. “You fuck, Castaldi! They’re all getting drunk on me”, launched Gilles Verdez at the height of annoyance. The courtesies continued to flow : “Loser”, “corny”, “people hate you”. “You are always on the wrong side to make the buzz”, told him the former presenter of the Loft. “You would rather exist rather than exist”, continued Matthieu Delormeau. Cyril Hanouna finally whistled the end of this altercation and the three men were even reconciled.

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