Your job in nursing – “Because I’m needed”

The nursing staff do great things every day in caring for the patients entrusted to them. And not just since the pandemic. The question: “How do you do that?” is one she often hears. With the care campaign of the Ordensklinikum Linz, employees provide answers to this – on posters and in the film “24 hours at the Ordensklinikum Linz”.

This campaign was developed together with the nursing staff, who show what they do, what expertise they bring and how important lived humanity and respectful cooperation are. An authentic look at the diversity of the nursing profession. “Because I have a lot of sensitivity.” “I can do it because my job is definitely my passion. It is very important to me to have an appreciative interaction with all specialist departments in the operating room, because only those who get along well will enjoy going to work. Praise, recognition and humor are my fuel,” says surgical instrument specialist DGKP Tanja Kaar (38), Zentral-OP Ordensklinikum Linz. Due to her fascination with the human body, it soon became clear that her profession would develop in this direction. At nursing school, Tanja Kaar was able to complete an internship in the operating room and she knew then that this would be the career she wanted to pursue. “What I value about my job is the variety, the close collaboration in the team and the personal responsibility that you have. You work with different surgeons and the operations vary daily. This requires a high level of professional know-how and the art of being able to adapt quickly to these changing requirements.” The Ordensklinikum Linz may be looking for you! Do you have what it needs? Then apply right here.
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