YouTube could go crazy on “Bumper Ads”, these ads that you can’t pass

The rumble begins to be felt on Reddit while YouTube would force a little too much on the addition of advertisements impossible to pass. Some users report counting up to ten in a row before accessing their video.

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YouTube seems to outdo advertising, with little mercy for the user experience. Abundant to ensure both the good financial health of the platform and that of its content creators, the ads would be more and more present on YouTube… even if it means annoying by their number and their recurrence.

On Reddit, many users of the free version of the service report that YouTube is starting to get seriously heavy-handed, with the addition of large volumes of unskippable ads. Some Internet users report having been forced to watch 5 to 10 of these advertisements in a row before finally being able to access their video. It also seems that YouTube is also increasing the duration of these commercials, which are supposed to be broadcast exclusively in short formats.

More and more advertisements… which are getting worse and worse

If all users do not seem to be affected in the same way by this resurgence of advertisements, SamMobile points out, however, that the number of complainants on Reddit tends to skyrocket. Although impossible to pass, these small format ads are supposed to last no more than 6 seconds according to YouTube. It remains to be seen whether this necessarily makes them more digestible when they invite themselves in large numbers into the user experience.

According to feedback from Reddit, that’s not the case. However, it seems unlikely that YouTube will change its strategy. Not only are these ads valuable from an economic point of view, but they also encourage the user to upgrade to a YouTube Premium subscription — the only way to get rid of them.

hmm…this may happen with a certain type of ad format called bumper ads, since they’re only up to 6 seconds long. if you’d like, you can send feedback directly from YouTube via the send feedback tool

—TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) September 7, 2022

For now, and as specified SamMobile, YouTube has not said anything about a possible increase in the amount of ads shown on its service. Regarding the impossible-to-skip advertising clips, nicknamed “Bumper Ads”, YouTube nevertheless specified on Twitter that it was possible to bring up feedback to its teams through the dedicated tool offered by the platform. A polite way to kick into touch?

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