Zenith: The Last City, the virtual reality MMO, will be released on January 27

As in 2021, MMOs should be numerous in 2022. Zenith: The Last City inaugurates the ball of the releases for the genre this year, since a new video comes to inform us of the release date of the title, very close, in addition to revealing us a little more images of gameplay.

A real dive into an MMO universe

It was part of our list of MMO expectations for 2021 and beyond, and here it is coming this January. Zenith: The Last City therefore confirms to us on video that it will open its doors on January 27, all in virtual reality. Which means it will be compatible with PS VR, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Rift headsets.

The Ramen VR studio offers us here three minutes of gameplay to give us a new insight into this world, where we can take part in various activities, such as gliding in large expanses, climbing walls, cooking, and of course fight.

The promise of a playable VR MMO is quite rare, and so we hope that Zenith: The Last City will be able to offer us an original and successful experience.

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