100 percent pleasure: These 10 sex positions are particularly passionate


For all freshly-loved, sweet-toothed and for all who can not get enough of their loved one: Here are ten more than hot sex positions for you.

There are sex positions for every desire and mood. Some are perfect when it comes to being quick, others when sex is supposed to last all night. There are also some when you are tired and others when you are bursting with energy.

In our ten sex positions here it is pure eroticism. These are particularly passionate sex positions where it really gets down to business. Bye, flower sex! Hello ecstasy!

For flyweights: the rise to pleasure

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This is how the sex position works: 
He stands (in the beginning) upright in front of her, has her feet firmly on the floor and waits until she falls around his neck.
She wraps her arms around his shoulders and lets him lift him up. Her legs are angled up on each side and she leans her feet on the bed, the sofa or the legendary washing machine. Then your sweetheart will not be so hard to carry and will last longer. Now he can raise and lower it as he pleases, as they both like it.

Why is it so beautiful?Because everything feels very different. It’s like a high-wire act where she feels like a small elevator is going up and down in her. The movement from top to bottom is both fast and deep.

What to pay attention to? Do not hesitate to lean back and cling tightly to his neck so he can penetrate deeper.

For cow girls: the rocking horse

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So that works Sexstellung: 
He sits cross-legged and is supported with both arms to the rear.
She climbs on top of him, faces him head-on and captures him with both legs. So it can move perfectly in all directions and sets the pace.

Why is it so beautiful? Because she has the power! She determines how fast and how deep she wants to shape the movement. She can look him straight in the eye – so to speak sexy rodeo game paired with deepest intimacy. For all women who want to take the lead.

What to pay attention to?He should therefore lean against a wall to relieve his arms. So he can use his hands in the right place …

For acrobats: the passionate wheelbarrow

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So that works Sexstellung: 
She goes to the starting position for the wheelbarrow. In order to reach the optimum height, it can also be supported somewhere – this depends on his and her body size.
He stands behind her, covering her ankles and holding her tight. Then she angles her legs, pulls her knees to her chest and puts her thighs on his.

Why is it so beautiful? Because of the surprise effect of course! The wheelbarrow totally upsets the laws of gravity and the usual notions of sex. Head down, she gets dizzy in a pleasant way.

What to pay attention to?To keep it from being too strenuous, she should rest on her forearms, not just with her hands. And look forward regularly to keep your blood from getting in your head too much.

For mathematicians: The 8-number

So that works Sexstellung: 
It is with raised and slightly parted legs on her back, who can also lies down a pillow under your butt, so that the angle for him is perfect.
He lies over her, bracing herself with stretched arms (like a push-up) and positions his hands to the left and right of her head. Then he moves his hips in the shape of a circling eight.

Why is it so beautiful? At this angle, it can penetrate particularly deeply. However, the stimulation is mainly due to the 8-movement, which causes it to stimulate all the unexpected angles. The bonus: With his pelvis he can simultaneously stimulate her clitoris .

What to pay attention to? He does not have to keep his movements at the eight, but may like to explore on his own, whatever pleases.

For wild predator cats: The Super-G

So that works Sexstellung: 
She is on all fours and is supported with the poor. In order to get no back pain , the head is directed downwards. If you feel like a coffee table it is just right.
He kneels right behind her and grabs her by the hips. And then he likes to move unrestrained!

Why is it so beautiful? The position is also known as the doggy position and is one of the absolute favorites of Kamasutra . In this penetration angle, he can perfectly stimulate the famous G-spot.

What to pay attention to? Attention on rough carpet or parquet, otherwise it may havescrubbed knees after sex ! And the lover may like to use his hands in addition to stimulate them even more.

For neo-classics: Nirvana

So that works Sexstellung: 
She lies on her back, stretched out his legs and takes his arms above his head.
He lies on it, similar to the classic missionary position. But appearances are deceptive: when he is in her, she tenses all her muscles, pulls her thighs tightly together and braces her arms, giving the upper bed frame as if she wanted to push the wall away.

Why is it so beautiful? By tensing all the muscles and tightly squeezing the thighs, it strengthens the penetration effect and provides natural stimulation of the clitoris.

What to pay attention to?She can go one step up by stretching her legs as far as she can to the end of the bed, at the same time compressing her tightly.

For women in time trouble: the padlock

So that works Sexstellung: 
She climbs on a high piece of furniture (on the counter in the kitchen, a bar or a washing machine), sits at the edge and is supported by the arms to the back.
He stands in front of her and lets himself be captured by her legs, which she wraps around his pelvis.

Why is it so beautiful? A quickie at the desk or on the washing machine always has that special something about it. Wild passion just.

What to pay attention to? If the size difference between him and her is too great, she can provide a cushion or the like for compensation.

For endurance athletes: The Rock ‘n’ Roller

So that works Sexstellung: 
She lies on her back and stretches her legs in head toward the rear (like a backward roll).
He kneels in front of her and spreads her legs slightly apart to put his head between them. Her legs are now left and right on his shoulders. He holds her hips tight and leans over her body. She clings to him and lets himself be pampered by his movements.

Why is it so beautiful? In this position he can penetrate particularly deep. In addition, both partners have their hands free to pamper each other.

What to pay attention to? She can increase the desire even more by using her pelvic floor muscles during sex.She can increase the desire even more by using her pelvic floor muscles during sex .

For Dominant: The bed career for the sofa

So that works Sexstellung: 
He sits on a sofa or chair with a solid backrest. His feet touch the ground.
She climbs forward on him. Then she falls backward with her upper body, lies down on his thighs, leaning on the floor with her arms outstretched to keep her balance. She opens and closes her thighs to set the desired tempo.

Why is it so beautiful? Girl Power! She sets the pace that is most comfortable for her.

What to pay attention to? When your lover leans back with his back, he has both hands free: he can hold her legs with one hand while pampering her with the other.

For aerobic fans: the sexy pair of scissors

So that works Sexstellung: 
You lying with her back on a table and sits down at the edge of the pool. Then she stretches her legs vertically upwards (at 90 ° to the upper body).
He stands in front of her, takes her legs in her hands and grabs her ankles. He pulls her legs apart and penetrates at the same time. Then he crosses and opens her legs alternately, continuing the in-and-out movements.

Why is it so beautiful? When he takes her legs apart, she enjoys how deep he penetrates. When he closes her legs again, she takes his best piece, which should feel fantastic to him.