12 illegal download sites closed, authorities tighten the screws

Europol and the Bulgarian specialized unit GDBOP have launched a major operation against music piracy. Twelve sites accused of massive copyright violations have been closed.

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Europe is strengthening its fight against music piracy with a major operation involving Europol and the Bulgarian GDBOP unit, specialized in the fight against organized crime. Supervised by the Sofia Prosecutor’s Office, this initiative resulted in the closure of twelve websites. These platforms were known for illegally offering music downloads and directly affected the rights of artists and labels around the world.

The closure of these sites represents an important victory in ongoing efforts to protect musical creations. Piracy has long posed a serious problem for musicians and the music industry by reducing the revenue generated by their works. Recent reforms to the Bulgarian Criminal Code, introduced in August 2023, are expected to make investigations and actions against these more direct offenses.

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Europol and Bulgarian GDBOP shut down 12 illegal music download sites in Europe

GDBOP, known for its key role in the disruption of international criminal networks, carried out this operation in close collaboration with Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. This international cooperation is vital to effectively combat piracy.

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Together, they targeted and dismantled twelve sites illegal downloading under the aegis of EMPACT, a multidisciplinary platform that prioritizes fight against criminal threats severe through Europe. The combined expertise of GDBOP in field operations and Europol in coordination between Member States enabled these interventions to be carried out successfully.

The twelve sites targeted by this operation now display a message informing visitors that they have been closed for copyright infringement. This list includes domains with evocative names such as downloadmp3bg.com And baixarmp3gratis.com. These efforts to combat online piracy are essential to ensure that artists and cultural industries can continue to thrive in a more equitable environment.

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