15-year-old victim of multiple gang rapes, seven suspects indicted


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On February 25, 2020, a 15-year-old schoolgirl was the victim of several gang rapes in a building in Villiers-le-Bel (Val-d’Oise). Seven suspects were arrested and indicted, most of them in their twenties.

It is a story that is beyond comprehension. On February 25, 2020, when she was returning home after a day at college, in Villiers-le-Bel in Val-d’Oisel, a 15-year-old teenager came across a bunch of boys. Very quickly, without her having time to react, they stole her cell phone. To get it back, they gave her no choice: she had to follow them into a building. And this is where things would have escalated, reports The Parisian.

His executioners would have made him suffer a first rape in a meeting, on a landing on one of the floors of the building. Alerted by the scene, a resident of the residence came to the aid of the young victim. The assault of nameless cruelty could have ended there, but alas not. Without it being known yet how this is possible, the group of boys would have managed to find the young schoolgirl and would have dragged her again, against her will, into the high-rise apartment building. The gang rapes would have continued, upstairs and in a cellar.

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They deny the facts, for them the teenager was consenting

Once the horror passed, the teenager managed to return home with some difficulty. His parents picked him up and took him directly to the police station to file a complaint. Investigators seized the teenager’s clothes to look for possible DNA traces. And it paid off. “The police discovered there genetic fingerprints and black earth as one finds in the cellars”, said a source familiar with the matter, quoted by our colleagues. The suspects were quickly identified. The victim was categorical.

Five young men, all in their twenties, were arrested in March 2020 before being indicted and imprisoned. In front of the investigators, they recognized “that they were present at the scene of the facts”, corn they denied having raped him. They ensured that the college girl was consenting to have sex. Two other men were also found, thanks to DNA analysis, and arrested on October 26. They too are united. During the hearings, they pretended not to understand what they were accused of and denied relentlessly.
The court case continues. But in the meantime, it is the life of a young girl, still a minor, which is for the time being destroyed. According to Le Parisien, she would have left the city since her assault.

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