18 Sports To Try This Summer

For indoors and outdoors: 18 sports to try this summer

Summer is finally here! If you want to keep fit even at 20 degrees plus, you are guaranteed to find the right – and above all fun – sport in our ultimate summer fitness guide.

In midsummer temperatures, not everyone feels like doing sports. Every movement is exhausting and actually it’s too hot. No wonder that the desire for an ice-cold spritzer or an ice cream is greater than the motivation to do sports.

Sport is also healthy in summer: Mindful training keeps the circulation going and protects against migraines, tension and stress. Plus: Most summer sports are a lot of fun right now.

At least our 18 favorites, which we have put together for you in our ultimate fitness guide.

Whether at home, in the mountains or in the city, on the beach or in the water – this is how you keep fit all summer despite the heat.

Sports at home: Pilates, HIIT

Those who get up particularly early in midsummer can easily roll out the mat in the living room and, at the same time, open the window wide to ventilate.

According to weather expert Jörg Kachelmann, a slight draft is, contrary to many opinions, not unhealthy and ensures a pleasant cooling down while exercising. Ideal for a home workout Pilates or HIIT.

The advantage of a home workout: You don’t have to drag equipment like blackroll, kettlebell, dumbbells and the like that make your workout varied. Many exercises are also easier to do on a mat than on an uneven meadow.

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Sports in the park: circuit training, LISS cardio, sling trainer

Perhaps you are one of those who love beauty Weather love to spend every free minute outside. Grab your workout clothes and go to the nearest park. There will certainly be a shady spot or two there.

Our top three sports for the green area: Circuit training with different stations where you can do exercises with your own body weight, Thera-bands or mini-bands, LISS Cardio – low-intensity endurance training such as gentle jogging – and self-weight exercises on a sling trainer like the one TRX (Display).

The “to go” sling trainer can be easily attached to a tree trunk and strengthens the whole body in just twenty minutes.

Tip: If you like it more playful, put one on Slackline (Advertisement) and tries his hand at balancing – with the nice side effect of strengthening the deep muscles in the trunk and legs.

Outdoor sports in the mountains or in the forest: hiking, cycling, climbing

The mountain is calling – especially in summer! Mountains and, above all, shady forests are beautifully landscaped and a perfect destination for those who are active in sports, for example for a weekend trip.

Hiking, mountain biking and climbing are great fun even in the heat.

Tip: In many cities there are also climbing halls with routes in the open air.

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Summer sports on the beach: walking, yoga, beach volleyball

No summer without a day at the beach! Here you can relax on your lazy skin – or get active.

Yoga is the ideal beach workout. Especially in the early hours of the morning or in the evening you still have the sea to yourself and your sun salutation. The fine sand as a base makes the routine more intense, so that you work up a sweat.

Advantage: You can then jump straight into the sea and cool off.

Walking or strolling on the beach is also an option. It’s easier on the joints than on the asphalt, but it’s twice as strenuous. At the same time, you train your leg and calf muscles and burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Pack a beach volleyball in your beach bag for your next day at the beach. With this playful jumping strength training, not only is the fun factor high. They especially promote the leg muscles. Exercise in the sand also promotes endurance.

Water sports: SUP, canoeing, surfing, kiting

The way from the beach to the water is not far. If you don’t have the sea on your doorstep, you can also be satisfied with a lake or a river.

One of the main attractions here is a trend sport from Hawaii: Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short. Regardless of whether you are on a wide beginner board or a professional race board – when you SUP you need body tension and train all of your core muscles.

In the meantime there are also yoga courses on the SUP – just find out more at a location near you.

Technology, equipment & Co. – Learn SUP: Six tips for beginners for stand-up paddling

As an alternative, you can borrow a canoe; paddling and rowing are also effective training and burn calories.

On the beach, kiting, windsurfing and surfing are clearly on the agenda. Beginners should attend an entry-level course.

A new trend from Switzerland: “Lightriding”. This is windsurfing with inflatable equipment and perfect for low winds and beginners. You can already try out light riding in some surf schools, for example in Nordbad Tutzing on Lake Starnberg.

In the outdoor pool, lake or sea: swimming, snorkeling

In the heat, the cool water of the municipal outdoor pools and nearby lakes beckon. If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, you can of course go to the sea after work.

You can keep fit here by swimming or snorkeling.

With the freestyle technique you burn between 400 and 800 calories per hour, with the breaststroke – more practical with snorkeling – between 300 and 600.

Calorie calculator: – Here you can easily determine your calorie requirement

In addition, many muscle groups, especially the upper body, are trained.

Sports in the city: sightjogging

Do you live in the big city or are you planning a trip to a metropolis? No problem!

A sightseeing tour in which you explore the area is similar to intense walking. If you want more, look for a provider for “sight jogging”. You can easily discover the city, keep fit and get to know new people.

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