2G plus in the plenum: AfD parliamentary group sues against Bundestag rules

2G plus in the plenum
AfD parliamentary group sues against Bundestag rules

The AfD announced last week that it does not agree with the tightening of the corona measures in the Bundestag. Now the parliamentary group is following up and turning to the Federal Constitutional Court. The demand: The “exclusion” of MPs must stop.

The AfD parliamentary group has filed a complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court against the new Corona rules in Parliament. On January 18, among other things, an application for the issuance of a temporary injunction to lift the new rules was made, according to faction circles. At the end of December, the parliamentary group had already filed a lawsuit in Karlsruhe because of the non-appointment of committee chairs in the Bundestag with candidates from its ranks.

The new 2G-plus rule in parliament must be lifted immediately so that every member of parliament can again perform his or her parliamentary duties on an equal basis and without discrimination, regardless of their vaccination status, said the parliamentary manager of the AfD parliamentary group, Stephan Brandner. “Only in this way can the right to an effective opposition enshrined in the Basic Law be guaranteed again.” He spoke of an exclusion of freely elected MPs, which was “specifically directed against the AfD parliamentary group”.

In the Bundestag, all parliamentary groups except for the AfD voted for the tightened corona rules last week. MEPs who are neither vaccinated nor recovered are no longer allowed in the plenary hall or in the committees, even if they test negative. You can only follow the sessions from the stands with a current negative test.

The AfD also sharply criticized the recent reduction in the convalescent status to a period of 28 to 90 days after a positive PCR test. Because of the new regulation, parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel, who says she had Corona in November, will have to sit in the stands from February. “The federal government must immediately withdraw the reduction in the status of convalescents, which is also highly controversial among scientists,” she demanded. Your co-group leader Tino Chrupalla called the shortening “mere arbitrariness”.

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